Minelab Gold 1000 info

Hi does anyone know about this detector…gold monster 1000 I think it is called…I have just started using it, it detects things well and quite deep, however doesn’t seem to distinguish things well…where the gold bar icon is on the screen, that can also be a nail, a piece of steel and even glass… anybody know more on this? Thanks

This is a good post that Mathias wrote about the GM1000

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Thanks! Will take a look.

If all else fails…read the instructions.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Well…duh. human input is always better than a book

Or a lazy way of getting answers.

I have found gold to read iron and vice versa but where m look most hits are gold and the Gold Monster is number 1 in my book for gold fossicking in non blacksand areas.

For advice on detectors l would ask kiwijw - l put him as number 1 when its comes to detecting for gold and knowledge of detectors, the best for specific areas and conditions and comparisons.