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Gold Dredging Claim for sale in Central Otago

Sniff sniff I smell fish(Galaxiidae) Why sell a claim that is less than a year old? $30.000! No mention of DOC access arrangements or concrete deals done with adjacent land holders…most land holders in Otago are great…yes that is very true…there is also scheduling on the Nevis but can’t find the map as to where…was called schedule 7 water bodies sensitive to suction mining before all the changes…this is typical claim flicking and old school speculation LOL

Lepresean, there’s possibly a national park status going over that area isn’t there. Not going to be good for mining in the nevis. Whether is happens or not who knows.

Hello Qtwn thanks, I have not been in the loop so that is news to me…it is an eerie place…forgotten…land before time up there…

Lepresean, the ideas been tossed back and forward a bit. Remarks skifield would be excluded. Not sure if the latest push is to halt the skifield which wants to expand further.

Prospect_Solutions…g’day…if your trade me sale falls through how about you offer the community the option to purchase your claim…at cost…not including your fee and you too can keep access…no charge…we will do all the dealings with NZPAM easy as…there will be a gathering in Arrowtown 24th April at the NZ Gold panning Championships.

The so called protections a national park would receive will destroy almost all recreational activity bar tramping & sniffing flowers , all the way south to Piano Flat , i hope it never happens . but back to the gold claim cant see any mention of the two creeks , i cant find the Map,s for some reason , Good chance the claim does not need a resource consent .

The maps have gone for a rinse in the river…Have sent ORC an Email(letter in a bottle) I think it is a bit cheeky to flip this permit with this potentiality of a national park in mind…

To me it is a case of if it is not broken don’t fix it…could see us living inside a very large museum quality diorama we cant touch.

Schedule 7 maps are still online. Google ‘orc rpw’, hit the first page and scroll down. They are incorrectly drawn up though. I took ORC to environment court on that issue and they elected to bend the knee rather than face the judge.

This claim will need resource consent from ORC and DoC access agreements.

Gold does funny things to some people, usually in the order of making easy money. Maybe in this case it is a miner mining miners. There are some who just do the paper work in claiming an area as an ‘investment’ with no intention of mining it at all. Sit on it for a bit & then try on sell for an easy profit.
Bring back the old ways that if you are off your claim for more than 24 hours & not working it or have not got a protection on it then you are open to being claim jumped & lose it.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Sour grapes? It’s not illegal to sell a claim. Plans and situations can change quickly (surely we’ve all noticed that in the last year?)


Thanks for that it kept evading me…I had a feeling that there was schedule 7 on the area…orc map E4…no due diligence done there! Surely when filling out the mining permit application this would have been clearly evident that as part of their keeping with good industry practice they would been aware of the ORC regulations…

The only sour grapes are still ripening at Gibbston…I call out speculative and misleading BS when I see it…


Sorry…yes fair call. Happens a lot though.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Hello JW I have a feeling these types of mining miners do not even know what is written in their own permit applications

Wow, this one got the keyboard warriors revved up. I don’t have the time to reply to speculation and BS…but if you have a genuine enquiry feel free to call me anytime. Cheers Sam 0223464777


Lepresean your sticky beak precedes you
Who are you exactly?


My understanding is that Whittens & Drummond Creeks have been done to death for a fair way up by digger & screen in the not so distant past in the 1990’s by L & M mining & Terry Holland. (click on the thumbnail top left in the box)

Check out No 14
You may find this article interesting.
This is interesting too. Fudnz was my mate Allan Dunford, also sadly no longer with us. :cry:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Yes the lower floodplains of Whittens and Drummond were both in the 1990’s (see attached map). The depth to bedrock in the floodplains is generally 3 - 5m and hence they are not a logical dredging target. The productive ground in this claim is upstream, above the floodplains where there is exposed bedrock and minimum overburden.

Yes I knew Allan, purchased my first proline pump and motor from him out Nasby, great guy.