Gold Dredging Claim for sale in Central Otago

Cant remember I was pretty drunk and delirious about the reef I found the day before full of cobbles on rusty sub vertical foliated micaceous goodness, I showed an old fellow who was just playing in the water and leaving the next day it and did not mind at all him hammering away at it could pan pretty rough and not worry about the black sand or too much about the fine gold as it was all nice rounded pieces keep practicing your panning you will get better keep watching the old timers techniques non of this one handed panning you see everywhere now :slight_smile:

Yes I remember a number of times you giving me grief over my one handed panning and ultra fine gold I was losing. You converted me to a 2 hand pan man now!

In all seriousness Lepresean is one of the best panners ive seen in action. Hes been out with me a number of times and he has a talent for sniffing out gold and panning fast. With his background as a geologist Ive used him a number of times helping prospect ground and pinpointing where I need to drop my dredge, time is money and hes helped get me onto the gold

Highly recommended

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I dont recall doing that to anyone.

My philosophy is if it works use it.