GM 1000 vs. Nox 800

Just curious if its better to, get a Gold Monster 1000 or a Equinox 800 it will be, mine and the wifes first detector purchase, so wanted to make sure first cheers.?

Heres some reading for you:

Good luck!


Thank you appreciate it mate cheers

The GM has arrived just curious am i allowed to go anywhere or is there rules, i dont wana get told off. I have only ever seen a couple people do it around wellington over the years on the rare occasion.

Unless there are specific rules to your region you can go at any public park or beach or bush as long as its not a historic site or National park. You just need to dug your plugs and fill in your holes nicely. If you are going in Riverbeds for gold nuggets make sure you are not on anyone elses claim and outside a National park.



Thanks for that i live in wellington so bit scared or just shy to get the side eye.

When you say outside national parks is that like a 100% no no cause limits alot of places haha

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You can go in any public park and it be totally all good as long as you fill in your plugs perfectly. By National Park I mean as in DOC National park eg “Tongaririo National park or Fiordland National park” type thing, so you have no worries there if you are in Wellington.

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Im Wellington based if you ever want to go for a hunt together, im a new nox user also