Gold monster or equanox800?

Hi guys big decision .
I’m after alluvial gold mostly rather than coins etc .
Looking at either a gold monster or a nox 800 as that’s my max price range .
Any advice pros and cons well appreciated thanks
West coast based
Also if any one has one for sale in top condition I might be keen

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Hey Bro, so I have some first hand experience on this -

So I jumped in and bought a gold monster straight away over the Nox going like YEAH IM AFTER ALL THE GOLD IM GOING TO GET RICH OFF GOLD NUGGETS, the reality is since then I have found 1 picker with it in rivers and that is all and I ended up regreting my decision and the most I have ever got off it was in parks where I wish I had got the other detector as it is just so much better in parks, really if you are only going to use it for gold the Gold Monster is better and it still can work in parks as I have found just no where as well as the Nox and the Nox is also actually a rather good gold detector very nearly as good as the gold monster I would say.

In my experience even though I thought I was only after Alluvial gold I would have got back and got the Nox as I would have still found that same gold in the river likely and would have had such a better time in parks.

But the Gold Monster is no dought slightly better for gold in rivers as it can get those super tiny targets and has a bit more depth but the Nox defintley still does a solid job there.

Also another thing Gold Monster struggles really really bad on beaches with the Salt Water when the Nox can resist this better so if you were detecting those areas you would defintley want a Nox.

But yeah thats my verdict if your only going for gold 1000% and have no consideration of Parks and Beaches, Gold Monster otherwise I would consider looking at a Nox, if you get the chance to go to DredgeNZ he gave me some epic advice when I was deciding between the two (although I ended up making a decision I regreted as I was so confident I was going to only be alluvial gold detecting).

Cheers sorry If I went on a bit there -

The Sluicers


Thanks m8 yea a few other guys have pretty much convinced me on the nox and yea I think there will be a chance I go out looking for other objects in time. Big investment for a first timer but il just cross my fingers that it can pay itself off relatively quick lol

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Equinox because:

  • Equinox is fully waterproof (although my first one drowned while under warranty) which is ideal for the coast. Monster only has a waterproof coil

  • Bluetooth audio (which I don’t think the monster has?) Is a game changer - no headphone cable to get wrapped around bush lawyer and gorse bushes.


  • 11" Equinox stock coil is good for open areas, but too clunky for river hunting - you’d need to buy a 6" coil or a Coiltek 10" X 5" for detecting streams .
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Yea so I bought a nox guys thanks for the info . Talked to a few guys I know and took in your pointers and really appreciate the help. So hopefully il be posting some good finds soon


I had the same deliberation and went for the Nox 800. I can confirm that it can detect tiny gold. I’ve not tried side-by-side with the GM but I’ve had a play with a GM as well and preferred the Nox. I reckon the Nox can probably do everything the GM can and more… a lot more versatile. Be sure to get the smaller coil though as it’ll find the tiny bits of gold for you.


Thanks Gavin .I’ve definitely got a bit of learning to do with it

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I bought both but am only interested in gold.
I ended up giving the Equinox away to my son.
I find that the Gold Monster coil is very sensitive to anything brushing against it, a rock, root or soil but once you get the hang of it then its a fine detector. When it does give a false beep then when you go over that point backward and forward you will know whether it is a false beep or a genuine target.
I am also a fan of the Fisher Gold Bug which seems to have a lot more stable coil but not nearly as good on fine gold.
What gets up my nose is the Gold Monster often gives a loud signal and you think you have a large piece and its only a small colour. In the last week I got a good number of signals and when I fanned my hand through the gravel there was no decent piece of gold there but the signal reoccurred a little bit downstream in the gravel again. I knew it was just a fine flake and ignored it.
Love the Gold Monster.