General question to all owners of claims

On your claims that you have on a river does it take all of the banks on the side of the river as when I look at everyone’s claim it only shows the river

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I know when I had my claim up the pell it was 5m either side of the center line of the river. for sum reason the river kept shifting .
it all depends what you have lodged your claim for and the conditions set down , each claim differs

Look harder they are all different , As above , mine are / where in the wet bed of the river but that included high water , some could have a good few meters outside of the wet bed for detecting etc.

Interesting I thought it would be all the same as your only dredging the river that’s where the bulk would be fly shit would be on banks you guys won’t be interested in that stuff as it would be uneconomical to recover

Been on some claims with promisson of course never take gold as only looking found a lot of micro gold always put it back still interesting though mostly I look at rocks I can find gold easy without using a metal detector as the rock tells me all I use is my eye

“Interesting I thought it would be all the same as your only dredging the river that’s where the bulk would be fly shit would be on banks you guys won’t be interested in that stuff as it would be uneconomical to recover”

Not always. Often in gorgy areas the opposite is true.

I have found one thing though studying the rocks which you guys nay know or don’t there is only one type that has the nuggets in it still looking at others so if you see a guy on the Buller river could me not interested in your stuff I like rocks veins underground etc so your safe gold does not rule me but I am 100% positive you guys are missing Heaps

I’m not even going to bother replying here.

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the lower end of my claim has a 200m wide strip each side ,that’s so Tony beats can land his plane and Talk bring Todd Hoffman his lunch


while you may have stated either side of the centreline of the creek/ river or river bed in your application, other determining factors will be access arrangements with doc or LINZ who often state no mining into or under river banks, or only the wetted river bed can be mined. While it is all open to interpretation on a case by case basis, please be assured that ,mining operations are now increasingly coming under the scrutiny of third parties such as forest and bird etc.

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I suspect that some of the guys here are probably a heck of a lot more knowledgable than you think they might be. What is that one type? Can nuggets be found in Magnetite, galena, slate, dolomite, quartz?

Gold can be in any rock saying that I won’t tell you witch rock because don’t want everyone in all the rivers helping them selfs those rocks break down giving you free gold otherwise if you get a rock crush it to get gold pan that off g.s.t applys your not a fossicker your mining and breaking the law

I sense elevated levels of mind altering substances or somebody of a foreign nationality.


And on a constructive note, a claim holder has the sole legal right to extract minerals from their claim area. The claim area encompasses ALL of the land area as shown on the permit map. Regardless of the flow of the water itself. HOWEVER, and this is often the tricky part, permit operators need to operate under the constraints of their resource consent and/ or regional legislation. So I Could feasibly get a mining permit on a riverbank and then apply for resource consent to mine this riverbank by my chosen method. To do this I would need to show that my intended activity falls within the constraints of the resources management act. Or that’s how I understand it.


I really think that your enlightening information sounds like the student trying to tell the professors whats what! I mean did you come on the forum to actually tell us something worthwhile. If you are going to tell us how much you know then tell us what that knowledge is - the purpose of the forum is to share knowledge. I think they all know what rocks in any particular river might contain gold. Anyway what ever it is that your on I want some of it - it sounds better than tramadol mixed with Gees Linctus taken in liberal doses in an eight ounce beer glass full of whisky.


if gold is in any rocks we got a heap of greywacke here if someone would care to send their bank details ill send you some.


Now that’s funny good humour your onto it

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No one knows everything always keep learning I am quiet Shaw you west coast boys know your rocks some of the gold I have found is in mudstone but a person would look at it with out a loupe and not see it in just look at the rock take one move on look for something else . Type of rock that contains nuggets is different than any other rock that’s all I will tell leave it up to you professional dredge men and you don’t need a loupe to find them

Well leslie1 if you see that yellow sparkle in a rock how do you personally determine whether it is gold, chalcopyrite or iron pyrite? If it is not gold how would you determine whether it was FeS2 or CuFeS2

iron sulfide is easy and iron /copper sulfide is easy to not interested in finding that gold in the rock is soft so I normally put my finger nail on it plus once you have found one and know what to look for its not a problem in the north island going right down my driveway I left gold and silver in rock even the mining company there know came off there property 0.2 silver per ton 1.5 per ton of gold not worth them mining it and not worth using chemical to recover it