General question to all owners of claims

All you guys get your gold to make money I don’t not interested in that I do it ft or fun

I asked you tell us how to differentiate between iron sulphide and copper sulphide but you are avoiding answering. What does 0.2 silver or ten and1.5 per ton of gold mean? Please clarify. Using the right methods 1 gram of gold per ton can be economic but you will know that won’t you? So what is 1 5 or ton referring to? Do you mean grams. Did your father work in the Australian mines by any chance?
What part of the North Island are you in where there is gold and silver in your driveway? What is the parent rock in which this gold and silver is found?

Volcanic shoots have gold and silver in them some of these are from around 5 feet high there 5 sided quiet Rare to find 5 sided ones most times there 3 or 4 sided some contain 0.5 grams per ton silver 1.5 gold not worth crushing or getting it but to r are these now it is illegal to touch because of mining rights now going back to your questions

Not avoiding your question just not interested in iron or copper sulfides can be seen by your eye I don’t need to test for it a breakdown in rock as air has hit it can see it when I travel around picked up gold in rock today thanks to the council all I do is look there are some minerals that they say nz does not have but I have found 2 so far by the way last one of the mine where the shoots came from are now in the hands of oceana

I love this forum…thanks to all the good buggers and characters that contribute with their wisdom. Cheers


As for my father he worked in the very old days in Martha gold mine underground at that time I was only 6 years old he told me about crystals underground that were 9 foot high plus but after the blast gone . That’s when get started teaching Me

there is your fools gold

there is a spot of gold

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Are these new Zealand specimens Leslie?

Is your fools gold iron pyrites or copper pyrites which of course also contains iron. We might have to appoint you our resident guru to come to for advice I think.

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Iron but has gold mixed into it just a rock to me

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Gold is but the other pyrite was mined when I was working in superpit kalgoorlie will take another pic of a rock I have let you boys work out what it is

OK since some of you professional men out there this is nickel from 1km underground before it is processed

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Yes indeed you have told us ten times now that to you they are just rocks…we know that now so you dont need to remind us. Some of us have an IQ of sixty and over. Some of us will have forgotten in two days time so remind us of it again then. Interesting about where you worked at Kalgoolie - Was that the Fimiston Pit.

Yes it was

nz rock Mt aroha underground

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Iis that near bald mountain

sure is at springs junction. and against all theories on the eastern side of the main fault line

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