Gav's Metal Detecting Finds

Decided to abandon the TV last night, don a headtorch and hit an old park suggested by a friend.

Found my first silver :slight_smile: and was intrigued to discover that there’s two different sized heads in use on George V half pennies.

My friend scored the best find of the night - a silver Victorian 1896 sixpence.

Was amused to see several people drift on by taking strange routes through the park staring at their phones… Pokemon Go :stuck_out_tongue:


Going hard there Gavin - and a nite hunt too.


Nice work. Keep it up.
That is hilarious about the pokemon players! :laughing:

Great to see that you’re out and about again, amongst the MD community Gavin…got the bug back after the Chch MD meeting the other night did you?

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Good one Gavin… Wait till you score a gold ring, then you will be hooked well and truely.

Yes, who would have thought after all these years I’d be starting my own finds thread?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, the meeting the other night gave me a wee taste for it again. Already found a gold ring a couple of years ago when I last detected, what I’ve got my sights on a sovereign or half sovereign now!


Haha…Yo-go-getty-yerself that sneaky Sov mate…sure to be one with yer name on it!

What a surprise and great to see what can be found and in the dark of night !!

Another wee swing around today closer to home. Don’t think coins like the salty conditions at all… didn’t realise I’d dug a silver threepence initially, and a George V penny came out of the ground so corroded can’t make out any detail on the tails side of the coin.


where there is one theres allways another.

Bit of a miserable night weather wise but got out for a play anyway and hit an old park. Didn’t do too bad for old coins…

All the old coins were about 4 inches down embedded in a gravel layer. I guess the park was originally just a gravel area in days gone by.


Didnt do too bad at all. Some nice old dates there on the pennys and they look in reasonable condition too.


Better than nothing. One assumes when they are like that perhaps they have fallen out of someone’s pocket.

Sorry, the “miserable night out” was more referring to the weather :wink: I enjoyed finding the older coins :slight_smile:

I’ve now edited my post so I sound less like a whinging pom :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good enough gavin,at least you didn,t get skunked,always good to find the older coins.

Nice Britt Pennies, good to see you out and about going hard, in between your gold adventures.
Ya better be careful the coin/relic hunting might take hold :wink:

Too late i’d say. been converted into a coin shooter already. :grinning:


Yeah… not sure about that - still feel the fever coursing through my veins! :stuck_out_tongue:

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[quote=“gavin, post:18, topic:788, full:true”]
still feel the fever coursing through my veins![/quote]

Looks like you’re going to have to specialise in Sovereigns then

Now that I wouldn’t mind, but I don’t think the sovereigns agree!