Gav's Metal Detecting Finds

Got out for a very brief wave of the wand last night…

found the sixpence in the immediate patch of the other two old coins from Gav's Metal Detecting Finds - #9 by gavin


good on yer gavin keep swinging.

Invited out for a swing by @chdanz and @PablosGold today - cheers guys :slight_smile: My highlight was a well worn silver 1887 three pence.

Usually more into the gold myself but might have to get out for a few more winter plays now.


Nice one Gavin, was a great day for it!

1887 - Nice.

– It’s a pleasant way to while away the non-golden hours… :wink:

You should have stayed a bit longer, we had a great time after you left.

Dragged out again by @PablosGold . Highlight was a 1934 sixpence for me. Pretty corrosive ground for coins apparently…


Hope you have a chance to dust of the detector and enter the competition.
Don’t let the South Island down mate.

Oooo, forgot about that!! Pity most of mine were corroded so only a few dates were visible. Will try and take another photo with dates in shot :slight_smile:

Dates may not be essential.