Falsing concerns

It’s becoming a problem.
Ace (350) is starting to false a bit. I suspect its arising from where the coil lead screws into the control box.
Any thoughts anyone. Cheers i advance.

Are your connections dry and nice and firmly done up making a good contact? Maybe check there’s no crap between coil and cover and also that your coil lead is not all loose and moving around near your coil. A few days in a nice warm dry place could shake some winter sniffles.
I’m sure someone will have some further ideas good luck sorting it

is the ace 350 weather proof or waterproof? My thought would be something has gotten into the control box.

If you have a chance try a different coil.
Coils can begin to false after a while - it can be fixed though.

Cheers for the replies all.
Last few times we went out it has rained. Wondering if water has gotten into the control box.
Thinking i might loosen a few screws and sit it in the sun for a bit.

So thats my guess too Lil’Kiwi
Will check all of the above Iggy
Dont know if it can be reset Bugzy.
Dont have a spare coil Pandemic but good idea.

Let yall know how i get on.


Here’s a wee snippet from the web regarding resetting…

I also did this one other time and it worked.
According to the Ace350’s Owners Manual on page #14 to restore to factory settings, it says to hold the power button for 5 to 10 seconds (until the detector produces a fast double beep) I did this after the unit was already powered on.

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Interesting, will give it a try.
Dont really see what a reset could accomplish as i run wide open all metal mode.
Perhaps - im thinking - if your settings are all over the place then resetting must take it back to normal operation.
With this in mind i will adjust all the settings then try a reset.

Im working on opening up the control box - put in the sun for a bit - then put in a warm place for a bit, to let out any condensation. See if this works.



Question: What makes you think it’s the control box and not the coil?

Have you tried running the box with no coil, still scatty?
If you plug/unplug frequently it could be a broken wire at the strain relief.

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Thought it might be the control box as it has gotten rain on it last few outings.
If i touch the connection where the coil lead plugs into the box it starts beeping.
I very rarely unplug the lead.

The falsing isnt really bad but annoying enough to suspect something playing up.
If i can eliminate the control box then i will work on the coil. How i dont know as i dont have a spare.


Surely someone has a similar model that they could meet up with you to test?

Sounds like a contact issue - broken wire or dry solder joint.

My euro ace sniper coil started falsing after it got water in the coil, it was replaced under warranty.
Maybe give the whole detector a few days in the hot water cupboard with everything opened up?


Yip, thats the plan Westie. Will do that and see what happens.
If that dont work i will start looking at other options mentioned here.
Prey that its not the coil.


Actually coil should be cheaper to replace, and possible to repair.

Having watched you hunt, it certainly wouldn’t be through rough handling. :+1:

What’s the pin config on the 350? My ATP coil might fit to test out?

Ive taken pics of the process and pin config. Will post them today.


Process of elimination. 1st step is to open up control box carefully and leave in hot water cupboard for a few days.
Although im thinking it is the coil - the likely suspect, see what happens.

Two pics here. One of the pin config (5 pin) and the other of the control box slightly opened to let out any condensation.


Sorry bud, completely different pin config to the ATP

All good, stay tuned, will get to the bottom of this.
Probly cost me a new coil at the least - small price to pay for awesomeness.


May I suggest you sort it asap or at least a temporary fix before Friday if at all possible :blush: