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Expressions of Interest

Hi There

I am currently considering for next year, whether I should allow rental for dredging on my claim on the Arrow River for up to 5 dredges. I have to work on details such as, compliance etc, but just thought I would put this out there to see if there was any interest from people who dredge whether they would be interested in renting a patch of river or something. Currently considering a value of around $500.00 per month, but as I said above, this is realyy just for expressions of interest, which will give me something to work on moving forward so I can have a look at how I would split insurances and fees, so that I can give an affordable dredging experience. If interested please pm me.

Regards and warm fuzzies


Put me down a definite yes there mate. $500 a month is on the steeper side of things, usually I have paid 15% of finds plus a share of the yearly costs. But regardless it’s a great idea.



its a great idea , but that is easy for me to say as I would never be able to pick up the offer being so far north . looked into it when I had my claim. all sorts of shit went down but basically it worked

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A great idea for all concerned and in my opinion, knowing the Arrow well, I think it’s a marvellous gesture and a grand opportunity.
I remember getting 6 ounces in a couple of hours in the Arrow about January 1977 so I do know that there are great opportunities there yet.

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Yes I would call it an oppurtunity, even for those from up up north, make this your holiday, mine the Arrow while the Mrs is in Town spending the money :-).


Sounds interesting. Have you thought of cost’s of hand tools type, fossicking with sluices, as well. ?

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Could I bring my new toy?

now that would be an interesting sight !! You’ll need the revs up getting over the boney patchs :grinning:
You could somehow convert the jet engine into a monitor & sluice some faces down into the river & dredge at the same time :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

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I havnt thought of the hand tool guys, simply was just establishing what interest there was from claimless dredges, but will bring something out with respect to panners and sluiy’s. The concept is very much in development mode, so anything can and will be considered. I’ve got 10 yeras or so left on the claim and no way of doing it all my self. The rental basis seems to be a fare way to me, cos if you work hard you can come up with the rental in a day or so, and the rest is yours.

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My initial feeling is… the passion that surrounds gold and sometimes the lack moral conduct when you join people together who search for gold may bring unforeseen elements to the idea. On paper it sounds great… yet on the oher hand very keen to hear how your idea progress… could be interested.

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I assume this consent is the same as mine… no digging into the bank.

What is the claim number so i can google satellite it an see if it would be be

that is so true GF, that is why there will be a limit to numbers, but as people are on a rental basis, not lease, they cannot assume any ownership right. Due to a reasonable response and points being made so far, I am now proceeding to forming up conditions of rental.


not boatable to be honest but you could give it ago if you feel in the mood to wreck your dredge before yourve started, no refunds :slight_smile:

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oh well… looks like i will stick to my claim… it is not as if it is too small…

I would have brought a box of beer to see you get that up there :slight_smile:
The idea is good Eel a mate of myn would be really keen he once found a 8+ oz nugget up there , he no,s of really good patches , he showed me once when I helped collect his dredge when the claims started poping up on the arrow

Nice, I guess you would be after its sisters then

for those that have asked, the claim number is ML 51719

Hi would be keen on working an area on the claim if still available? Cheers.

Hi Bryce, yes we can sort something out, Pm with more of your details so we can arrange something.

hi mate are you still allowing dredging on your claim for a set fee ?