Enviromental Effects of Gold Prospecting

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is doing well, I have a bit of a request that would go a long way from everyone that can hopefully help our hobby and community.

Recently The Sluicers has grown quite a lot to well over 100,000 followers between the 3 platforms, heaps of positive feedback and its been amazing. However its not without its downsides, a fair few ignorant people come on, have no idea what they are talking about and leave comments like “Yours destroying nature and publiszing it! Your the scum of soceity”. “Why would you ruin the ecosystem for a few bits of gold there are much better ways to make money”, just comments like this, I usually ignore them as I know they are wrong but we have strarted getting fed up with them, so have decided to make a video to put them in their place and showcase the fact that prospecting and dredging cause next to no/no damage at all to a rivers ecosystem and are arguably even good for it.

I think this could be a great way to help voice our hobby and show how it’s not destroying nature and really we are the biggest fans of nature of all.

It would be great to have more then just dad and I on the video and would be absolutetly amazing if any of you could film anything from a couple seconds - a couple minutes, just sharing your experiences prospecting/mining/dredging and why you love the hobby and why you think it doesn’t (or does if thats your point of view) damage the enviroment. Or even just pictures of you prospecting and showing how it does nothing, absolutetly anything would be amazing and mean the world and really help go torwards this project.

Thanks so much - The Sluicers


One of the interesting points is that what you do not show and advertise gets no negative feedback :wink: The old saying that what no one knows isnt going to light their fuse.

The worlds full of ignorant half witted slobbages - in Latin ‘Fuckwitus retardus’ and because most of the powers that be are escapees from a lunatic farm the whines and whinges of the retards does not go unoticed.

Its a bit like buying a Nerf gun to shoot flies on the wall…if you do that they send you for psychiatric assesment, your parents go to court for the bad upbringing of their children, the neighbourhood within ten ks is evacuated while they search your hone for other ‘dangerous’ toys and all the neighbours get councilling.


Showing a comparison between the natural “damage” a river/creek causes when in full flood and the minimal impact of moving a few rocks/a few yards of gravel could be beneficial.


Lammerlaw, you need one of these https://www.bugasalt.co.nz/

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It is social media
Just harden up, this is your future. You put it out there, the keyboard warriors will retaliate.
Of course they won’t say anything to you face to face

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It is a good idea slucers but for starters, never pander to trolls.
Make a video because you want to make one not gaslit into doing so…save your energy
But it would be interesting to do a case study on an area you are planning on mining…say over the year…before and after. And flood effects…hit up County Calendar it is about time we were on there and had a show about us…eh Lammerlaw…imagine

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Yes a Country Calendar episode could actually be very beneficial.
In fact it could do us a lot of good in many different ways.
Great idea.

G’day young fella. Don’t let the trolls get to you. Easier said than done I know, especially when they are relentless & come at you in numbers.
I don’t know about the Country Calendar idea. I reckon gold mining/fossicking is best kept under the radar. Otherwise the powers to be will sit up & take notice & hit us with some form of tax or some other way of making money out of us & police it a lot more. Not to mention more rules & regulations. Mums the word I reckon. Don’t poke a sleeping bear.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


I learned the hard way, shhhhhhhhhh

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Too late, I believe a Kiwi Gold Diggers type show is currently being filmed over here. Expect to see a lot more people out there in the ensuing gold rush.

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Of course, don’t worry I get about 30 negative comments a day usually something like “Go back to school and learn to speak english” (kiwi accent) or saying “YOUR AN IDIOT GOLD IS NEVER ON THE TOP ALWAYS ON BEDROCK! FAKE PROSPECTOR!” (Beach gold) all that sorta thing. The people who say its destroying nature are the only ones that actualy annoy me because its the exact opposite of what we want to do.

Yeah I was emailed about 6 months back im not sure by them but by some TV show I think it was the same people as Aussie gold hunters asking if I wanted to be on their kiwi show and share some adventures, I had a lot of questions and was kinda meh about it and couldn’t make the times they offered to call so I think they moved on. Will be interesting to see what happens with it all.

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Yeah definitely! Im thinking I work on just a really good high quality video to upload in future about it all. And that could be a really cool idea I reckon ill wait till the far future though (when and if) I have a claim which is my end goal and then could have it more proper you know?

Thanks heaps

@kiwijw And yeah your probably right, the more people that are into it the more noticeable it becomes and less gold left for us ahaha.

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A Country Calendar episode could be the best thing ever for us IF it was very carefully ‘choregraphed’ and in such a way that it is basically a propaganda film. Very subtle. Hinting at the loss of rights for ALL New Zealanders, the loss of reacreational panning rights, restrictions etc, benefits to the NZ economy, the harmless effect on the landscape and how floods do far more damage.
I could see it as being very beneficial to us all. In fact l would like to ‘write the script’ as it were.


Hi Sluicer,
I am of two minds regarding your you tube efforts. I respect your passion for fossicking and your work ethic and watch your content.

However you do bend the rules at times. You say no big deal. The thing with you tube is it’s monkey see, monkey do. My concern is that newbies could justify their actions based on you and we collectively get shafted with even more restrictions.

With the gold price high and times getting tougher the public areas are going to get hammered. Perhaps some of your content could focus on helping the newbies do the right things rather than piss off the locals. Cheers👍


I’m curious what rules have been bent at times? Pure curiosity and not looking for any argument. I do watch Sluicers videos but I tend to be a bit time poor so quite often skip ahead to the gold porn so will miss some details.

I assume @The_Sluicer isn’t always on public fossicking spots from what I’ve seen, but if not explicitly stated the viewer is just left wondering… is that on a public spot I’ve not been too yet, have they’ve got permission to hit someone’s claim, or have they gone off reservation?

@The_Sluicer I myself am a fan of your videos mate and often wonder where you are when you’re doing well :wink: Seems to be mainly west coast, but only spotted generic type ground so far. Don’t worry, I’m not asking for your spots! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey I was no angel in the past and have let the fever run unchecked at times. Sluicer has admitted on previous posts to bending the rules.

One video on Gboro they outside public area, I’ve been there. Panning moss, digging outside active stream bed.

@Westlander @gavin Every video is on a fossicking area or a claim, you would be suprised the virgin ground up the fossicking areas, our only ones that aren’t “legal”/bending the rules are two of our earlier ones, and yes as with anyone we have ocassinally explored other creeks here and there however we never record them. You would be shocked at which ones are actually fossicking areas, about 30 of our videos are public fossicking areas with over 10 of them titled as such which help serve as guides for people going there, about 15 are on two of our mates private claims we have access too and a couple are on one off invites to claims (Like abyss’s claim), and yes then 2 of them are outside of fossicking areas but that was way earlier on and count for 0.01% of total views and were made to answer peoples questions of was there gold there so they didn’t have to go by themselfs. We have done a fair few group catch ups with all sorts of other prospectors many of them channel fans and new to it themselfs and helped them find gold and explain the rules to them. And I don’t see why any of the content is serving to piss off the locals, even the two videos done outside of fossicking areas (canterbury) are in two popular recreation spots in massive rivers that have people digging swimming holes and going boating constantly anyway so I didn’t see how a few quick pans was anything different at the time. I even have an older dedicated video ranking the fossicking areas providing everyone with all the information we have managed to pick up.

I try to keep them secret or just open to friends or channel patrons as they are fossicking areas and I don’t want the whole world rushing there but hey this isn’t youtube, only dedicated gold fossickers on here so Im happy to share even more.

This video here for example, seems like the middle of nowhere but nope was smack bang in the middle of the Lyell Creek fossicking area, I would name every video and which fossicking area they were in or which claim but as I said we disclouse the locations we think are fair to share but our better locations or private spots we don’t want thousands in some cases tens of millions of people seeing and aiming to get up there.

Screen Shot 2023-02-10 at 12.39.46 PM

What video are you reffering too @Westlander ? Our one recent moss video was right in the middle of a fossicking area, it was in the active stream bed, and that moss is not a native, and therefor fair game as its in the active creek bed.

I don’t share any of that publicly to the youtube and the general audience though, its when answering other peoples questions, and I just tell the truth normally e.g “No one in their right mind is going to mind if you are having a quick pan on your own land”, not that I have necesarrily done that myself. When I was new as per the two canterbury videos neither of us really knew what we were doing as the rules were so unclear but have not done anything “Illegal” for a long time.


Sluicer I’m not saying you piss off locals, there is the potential for newbies to do so having watched you and giving it a go not knowing the regs. Technically the active stream bed is edge of water in normal flow, all vegetation is off limits.

Fair enough, I would say its better for people to a watch a video though and see whats going on then just go for it wouldn’t you say? We have answered hundreds of questions and made multiple short videos about the rules, however it may be a good idea to make a long one might work on that once I get our current videos up.

So your saying anyone who doesn’t dig direclty in the middle of the water is technically breaking the rules? Thats just ludicrous, I think what it means is an area of the river that is currently active, eg the current streambed so for example everything within the two river banks people mine gravel bars and bedrock out of where the water is all the time, but within the banks, and what defines normal flow as well, the mean, the median, what constitutes the creek being normal flow and what consitutes a flood or a drought, there is no way to tell unless you have flowmetres up and down the creek telling people its currently “average” flow. Saying things like panning a bit of gravel out of non native moss in the creek thats going to reroot and regrow within a month or digging not in the main flow just seems rather crazy, now that I look at it maybe panning moss is not the best thing to be doing on camera but at the same time it seems quite crazy to be saying a couple pans in the moss with a couple thousand views its going to influence people to go do massively illegal things and piss off the community.

(also points aside I am still genuinely curious on what video you were reffering too before)
Screen Shot 2023-02-10 at 2.05.51 PM

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