Dredging ORC Givealittle page

As many of you are aware the powers that be are wanting to drop suction dredging being a permitted activity in Otago.
Its been discussed on here many times before and I feel we need to stand up and fight this.

If we loose this in Otago it is going to have an impact on all new and existing claims and you can bet your bottom dollar its going to make things harder for other regions. If we win it and retain our rights then this will help many of you in other regions as a test case. So this affects us all

So Daniel Gerber who many of you will know from Dredge NZ and myself have setup a Givealittle page. As many of you will know on these forums a miner and planning consultant has generously agreed to do the work Pro Bono in writing and presenting a detailed submission to take the fight to the ORC. However we need money. We need approx. 32K which will be used to get a freshwater ecologist and a lawyer to present the latest scientific evidence showing suction dredging has a minor or zero effect on the river. Im not going to lie and say we are going to win. There is a risk we loose but id sure as hell give it a shot instead of sitting around having a moan.

Ive spoken to many of you over the weekend and Id like to talk to more, We already have a number of people willing to commit and our reasons for using a givealittle page is its transparency and independence. If we dont raise the full funds then your money will be returned to you minus 5% givealittle fees. Id like to raise more and that way any balance left over will be distributed back to everyone.

For many of you times are tough and any donation is appreciated. We have a good chance we can roll this.

Any question please PM me or Daniel my number is 0211014502 .

Here is the link to the page:


Good job, Prich!! Are we also going to be making submissions to ORC on this matter?

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Thank you. Yes for sure the more people that do the better re submissions. Id invite Mangrove whos our expert in this to elaborate more on how and whens of the submission

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Fantastic work guys at 23K raised in less than 24 hours!!!


Let’s involve the media in this!
Approach as many outlets as we can.
Letters to the editor etc

That’ll be good if they’re sympathetic to our cause. But a lot of the media are paid mouthpieces for the “green movement,” and we could actually wind up facing negative coverage.

I think we need to continue what’s been started with the give a little page and the talk of creating an incorporated society to represent all of us.

Going to the media may have some benefits, but I’m also weary of the pitfalls.


Absolutely amazing work and a fantastic community that we have!

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Wow! That is an incredible result and blown away at how fast the funds for raised. Good on you all, legends all of you!


Really blown away to all who have contributed. Much appreciated.

If you haven’t donated then we encourage you to as any balence left over after costs will be redistributed to everyone who donated.



Hi everyone.
The givealittle page is off the hook.
Im looking for photos of your dredging rivers when its in flood and also any nice photos of you dredging on your claim as a comparison of nature v your hobby in terms of effects. They will be used in the submission to orc which be mid 2024. Email to aoteacarvers@gmail.com.


Looks like its generating some media heat. Great stuff!

About 2 mins in


Awesome response to all involved & who contributed. Together we stand, divided we fall. No use crying into your weetbix if things go against us & you didn’t have any input. You got to be in to win. If you haven’t contributed put in something no matter how little. It will all help. You needn’t even be a dredger but just do it for the general health & wellbeing of our passion of gold “fossicking” over all. Our rights are continually being eroded & challegened. Put your hand up.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Feedback is now open for the proposed changes. WE need as many people to get behind this and provide feedback. Ive created a new topic of how to. pretty simple

Will also have an update soon the work to be done by our freshwater ecologist


Done, hopefully common sense prevails.
Cheers mate👍


Second that, done! Lets get as many in as possible.


Get involved in Give-a-little, but do not just donate cash and sit back.

Write submissions on the ORC website against the silly. You can change email accounts and write submissions every third day.

Swamp them with complaints. This is how you impact power. Don’t rely on one big thunderbolt.

One complaint a week.

Write your local representative. And repeat.

Mass swarm them.

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