Did Keith ever tell you about the 10 pointer he got?

As I am bidding goodbye to this treasured trophy of Keiths and know that many of you have never sighted it but have heard about it I thought I’d share a picture of it which does not do it justice, apparently it scored 245 on the Douglas scale anyhow it is off to a good home and I will miss it but here it is. Caz


hi Caz , is it a west coast red stag ? it dosnt look that old an animal judging by the pedicules

He got it up the Greenlaw Waimak…just past the Anti Crow. I do remember it had quite a few teeth missing and was pretty light bodied from what Keith said. Another stag charged Keith and the dead stag while he was getting the head sorted. No idea how old it was but it certainly made Keiths year that year!!


Nice head. Similar to one l saw recently.
This us a stag shot by two hunters staying on my place a few weeks ago.



Nice. Youngish animal???

14 pointer. I also got into a mob of pigs the other day…fun fun fun. I only took one.

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How many of its legs did you shot this time to stop it. :joy: I have heard stories.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


some amazing red stags taken around the country this roar , thanks to the covid lockdown

That was the Dr Mengele side of my personality. Or as Paladin said “Have gun will shoot”


He snatch shot it from about 10 m. He couldn’t see both sights with his bifocals. The old 30 only had open sights. He knew it’d come up straight .

ive got an 1890 martini henry .303 with open rights id love shoot a stag with it , im just not sure if its safe to fire

Wont be a Martini Henry. It will either be converted from a Martini Henry or a purpose made Martini Enfield. 1890 indicates that it will be a Martini Enfield converted from a Martini Henry unless its Metford rifling in which case it could be a Martini Metford though l havent heard of one. In other words it is 99 percent likely to be a Martini Enfield.
I have picked up and fired many of these and now and again l use one myself for hunting.
The Martini action is a proven strong action.
Check out headspace, rifling etc and if the bore is not too badly worn and not rusted to a relic (even then l have fired them albiet with dubious results at the target end) then there should be no reason that it should be unsafe.
Check barrel has not been cut to turn it into a non functioning DP rifle first.
Can you put some photos on of it? What’s the condition like?

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yes your right lammerlaw my mate tells me the action is a martini henry im no gun expert and it says V .R Enfield 1895 , my mate reckons the wood work has been shortened at forend ? theres some rifling left not alot , what would it be worth any idea?

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It’s a shame that its been cut down and that knocks the value badly but l loaned one in far far worse condition than that to a local gunshop so they could take a part out but the shop owner went on holiday and the staff put it on Trademe - they sold my rifle - accidentally but it didnt worry me. They got $150 or $200 for it! Taking that into account you could get maybe $400 on Trademe.
It is a Martini action. A Martini Henry is .450/577 and has Henry rifling. A lot were converted to 303 using Enfield barrels- square rifling, 5 lands and five grooves. Metfird rifling was only used for four or five years and was shallow, rounded and seven grooves but wore out ultra fast with high velocity smokeless powders. It was really only suited to black powder cartridges.

Be careful. You could get it checked out esp if you aren’t sure of it’s history. Keiths 30 was given to him by his father who was like him and looked after his guns. Keith gave his 30 to a youngster that needed a leg up to manhood you know the type…wives rule the nest. They do as they are told etc. poor lackey… pretty pathetic actually!!

Nice gun Webby. Keith had his 223 cut down for the bush. single shot very accurate, lovely gun. At least it has gone to a solid kiwi bloke!!

What gun would my grandad have used in the trenches WW1?? He was a sniper and I recall his gun had a pretty lethal looking bayonet on it.

.223 is about the only calibre i dont own , and prob the most practicle calibre for my needs, i must have a sell up . gold fever is still with me and im wanting a bigger dredge before next summer .

LOL. You sound a lot like the guys I know around here. 4" then 6" the 8" … then 2" high banker etc. Go for it. Haha. You have to do it. The 223 was cut down and an excellent bush rifle. Not too light or too heavy …broke down etc. The gold is still there and so are the animals.

.303 99 percent chance it was a Mk IIILee Enfield but some men had privately owned ‘Long Tom’ rifles of Boer War vintage which had a longer barrel and were very accurate. If it was a Long Tom most likely a Lee Enfield MkII rather than a Lee Metford Mkl or Mkl.
Ok so how the **** did my phone turn the letters into italics!