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Did Keith ever tell you about the 10 pointer he got?

i started with a 2 inch then a 4 now ive got two 5s one was keiths old dredge , but i really wont sleep til i own a proline 6 , as far as rifles go from a .300 blackout that wont wake the cat to a 7mm that starts avalanches

If you think the 7mm starts avalanches try my whale harpoon gun…it fires anything from sheilas false teeth to nails, ball bearings, stones, bolts, 7/8 inch steel rods. If it goes down the barrel then you can fire it.

lol , we once had a cannon for firing a weight up trees to assist in felling them , we didnt know what propellant it used so poured a cup of IMR 4350 into it, the bang was incredible , it ripped the cannon of its mounts and it end for ended over the Ben Avon homestead roof missing it by inches never to be seen again, we were fencing contractors with a passion for gelignite but thats another story lol

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That’s a beautiful rifle m8

Interesting.You must have bumped an icon or something!! LOL. Dont you just love technology. Grandads rifle looked really long to me so you’re probably right on the money about it being an Enfield

If the barrel was flush with the end of the wood then 98 percent a Mklll* SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield and a 1 percent chance it’s a Mklll SMLE.
If the barrel is 4 or so inches longer than the fore end (end of wood) then it’s a Long Tom Lee Enfield. Very likely BSA manufacture.

If that is the other side then it is an 1880 dated Martini Henry .450/577 which has been converted in 1895 to a martini Enfield in .303.
I am actually after a conversion one like that but all complete and original. They are good things to have but in the original calibre they were the orginal ‘Earsplittingloudenboomer’ (Steppenwolf?)