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Cosmo's finds enjoy

Thanks MB it is pretty toasty but got enough of it for an ID.

Well done Cosmo, nice haul. Its always a buzz digging those silvers, esp half crowns !!

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Thanks, yeah big silver’s always make for a good day but are hard to find now.

great finds, always a bzz finding old silverware

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Only found one old coin during labor weekend but a bucket lister 1797 cartwheel.


a rare nz find indeed one ounce of pure

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Very nice find CC. I think they only came out in 1797. Probably because they were that heavy they pulled your trousers down.

so a penny weight would be around an onze based on this 1797 specimen?

Now you have me thinking - A penny weight is based on the original penny coin which was silver and weighed one twentieth of a Troy ouce so that there were 20 pennies to an ounce or 240 pennies to a pound.
This weight was standardized back in the 15th century BUT coins prior to that were still mighty close to one penny weight.
This means that your cartwheel penny is NOT a penny weight but it is one ounce while the two pence is 1/4 inch thick, 1 3/4 inches diameter and weighs two ounces.

This means that original pennies were made of SILVER and hence weighed one troy penny weight BUT cartwheel pennies were COPPER and weighed one ounce and two penny pieces weighed two ounces.

A pound in your pocket will still be worth a pound…harrold wilson pm uk after devaluation

Of course - it just wont buy as much and that is where politicians tell the truth while deceiving the sheeples!

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the politicians managed to even revalue a onzce down from 31.something grammes down to 28 grams

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A few finds since my last post



nice work,you getting my text.

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Thanks, yes did you get mine today?

no not got anything,sorting out a new phone.

Sweet as hope things are going well for you.l

Hi guys got out yesterday for a few hours and found a bit of silver for my efforts. HH&GL.


My mate Byron’s finds from same hunt got his first kiwi halfcrown.


Nice haul fellas, good clean silvers!