Cosmo's finds enjoy

Had a spare hour this morning popped off to local park plucked these out. New Zealand forces button first for me. HH everyone.


Great florin and just love those silvers.

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My second so am stoked. Found a 1919 British half crown 2 weeks ago my first silver half shame it had been mower struck put a dent in it not cut thank god.


Love that half crown and if it wasnt for the dint it would be better than most of that year - must have been lost pretty early in the piece…bugger the mower!

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Was bent at all most 30° made call to put in between 2 bits of wood and squash it as flat as I could " please don’t crack " lol

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Still beautiful condition.

Thanks only found crupo nickel one since. :unamused:

Went out for couple of hours tonight nothing but pull tab and old decimals. Thought I would upload a shilling I found at start off holidays.


Not only an extremely nice shilling but also exceptional condition


Thanks. Only silver coin I found at a closed school I got permission for also found pennies, small silver ring and $31 spendies.


There’s a million silvers waiting for you…time - patience - perseverance.

Can anyone identify what this cap is off and the acronym on this pendant W.P.A.S.C

Can’t find on google. Was thinking cap came off oil lamp or something dunno, any help would be great.


Don’t know what that cap thing is but it looks friggin old! Pendant… maybe Women’s P(something) Association of South Canterbury?

Yes cap does look old and ornate. Found some thick blue glass and a 1866 sixpence about a meter or so away from it, gonna go real slow next time. That acronym is a hard one to pin.

Easy peasy…
Search New Zealand only… and
Drop the fullstops on a google search for an acronym…
Top result and the winner is…

Woolston park amateur swim club


Thats great thanks heaps. Without full stops will remember that.

Hey guys this is the results of 10 hrs on mudflats over 2 days.

5 pennies dating 1935 to 1945, 3 half’s 42 to 56, one shilling 1934. My first silver plated spoon, a nice buckle, lamp top and a .38/200 revolver casing.

Oh forgot button


I likee. Mud is under-rated in my opinion.

I put up a thread of various books, one of which is silver-plating hallmarks etc. Have a squizz, I’d be interested to know where the spoon came from.

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Good work, I can imagine you got covered in mud.
Nice button.

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Had a look think it’s john round & son ltd can’t pin what year. Valarium silver?