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Cosmo's finds enjoy

Love the silvers - they used to make my day.

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Thanks. It had been a dry two weeks before Fridays sixpence.

Nice going CC. Any ideas on the artillery looking badge? That tee thing I would say is old keg tap.

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Thanks MB. It is part of a lead toy cannon, I have found another before.

Out yesterday with Roy found a few bits.


Thats pretty cool and most definitely proves the point that not only was Jesse James in New Zealand but he was also a commie!

hi i am new here,
sorry to put this here but i cant find where to post anything…i am just wondering where i can find clear information on the rules of metal detecting in nz…where one can go with a detector and detect and keep the findings…Beaches? rivers? etc
i live in marlborough.

It gets a little tricky as each region has its own bylaws but here is a basic guide.

Got out today with Roy for a good low tide hunt happy enough with four rings. Three .925 and brass junker and a once plated watch.


nice they were silver you worked hard for them,gold fever still up tho.

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Love those low tide CC. Always welcomed. Well done.

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Results from a few hunts over last two weeks.



Good finds cosmo is that goldish looking ring in fact brass.big silver ring looks very nice

Just noticed the bronze commemorative medalion whos the pair on the obverse

The ring is made from a penny, that and other finds are from a seeded hunt apart from the iron munger token that just happened to be there.

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Got out with Roy today found a few bits. HH&GL.


Finds from last weekend on a road trip down south.


Great score cosmo found a spot there

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Love those early tokens CC.
Nice one.

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Thanks Roy was two spots wasn’t gonna stop on way home as I was pretty hungover from the night before but glad I did as I dug the halfcrown.