Coronovirus -Who's looking at going full time mining?

Obviously with the country going into lock down, gold prices going up and predicted to rise even further and some of you having no work right now- Who’s looking at upping their mining/detecting and going bush?


remember you will not be allowed out of the bush for 4 weeks.
its meant to be stay HOME.


Me ,probably make more money dredging anyhow,half ounce a day for 4 weeks hmmm I may be better off than working

I’m workin through. Can’t see why not. Eels don’t get it so whats the problem?


we might not be allowed out of the house mate, Im officially unemployed and so excited about it getting my gear sorted as we speak lol time to self isolate under water

i am pretty sure you are not allowed out of the house unless getting food. going out to exercise only . very open for interpretation. I read it as no car usage unless getting food
im ok I can walk to go gold mining and detecting.
but I may have to get food from the local bush and trout from a stream. normally catch trout by sucking them up the dredge hose
just stay safe and consider others on all this will pass

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hi webby. I would have thought you were part of the “have to go to work” team . bloody hell think of what the numbers are going to be when you start back.

You can go out and carry on as normal as long as your not in contact with anyone else, I just had an email from NZ first saying people going out for the roar are to carry on as planned as long as it’s a solo activity


its getting to cold to hunt in the roar.
thanks for the clarifications

BRING ON THE COLD GET THEM CRANKING then have couple months abnormally warm weather so I can suck up some gold

Thanks Gav- Yeah thats what I thought as well. One is still allowed to drive and go out just has to be isolated. If your in the river all day with no one around technically its the definition of self isolation.

Mate if you can find that much regularly why would you work anyway?or are you blowing hot air!

A true miner never tells,could be more could be less,but honestly currently average that,I just do it for a hobby,got this in 1hr


Just a heads up, Nz first and the mountain safety council have now retracted their previous statement and now acknowledge no travel is allowed into the mountain areas, all huts are out of bounds and effectively activities like the roar are canceled Mainly due to landsar being operated at a minimum level!


Thats really good then! I must admit I tend to average closer to half a gram where I have been going panning!Need to find a good spot!

Sooo you can go dredging by yourself and not others obviously?.

the latest ive seen is that all hunters stay home as it is an unessential activity . it is also said that sar will not be actioned if you go missing. so if good enough for us hunters to miss the roar then it is good enough for the BLOODY REST OF YOU to fucken stay home.


stay home folks, dont be going catching colds in that cold water :slight_smile:, this lock down can only be successful if we all play the game, and the better we play the game the sooner it can be lifted. we dont want this vrus to keep cycling thru the community cos a few selfish folks dont want to play the game by the rules.


Spells it out loud and clear, time to stay at home.