Claim Poaching Name and Shame

i used to see some interesting sites in my days when i fished the local rivers. amazing what people get up to when they dont think they will be seen. lol. no camera though. only a fishing rod.

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Hey Lammerlaw

The brand is Moultrie I got them from hunting and fishing. They are very good. If you want further info on them I can send you some more details.


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Hey GoldenEel

Haha I too wish there were some hotties in them photo’s . I do have a few photos of "‘strange’’ things going on that I have choosen not to publish .

Hey Gogold
Time will tell what happens with the police with this one , my experience in the past with local police and poachers does not fit your narrative.

Let me know where your claim is please on the forum. Its a very generous offer. Ill let all the guys who ive caught with 3 inch dredges and MDs etc know its Ok to send them down your way, better yet a few that lurk on this forum that are the dodge ones know where to go. Takes the pressure of the rest of us with claims



Its just my opinion/advice so take it or leave it i really dont give a shit about a whinging old coot.

Unless you catch someone in the act and evidence that then you have no case, you dont own the land or the gold you only own the right to process the material. Standing on the bank or carpark with a detector or dredge wont meet the threshold for prosecution.

If a pig prosecutes over the above photos a lawyer would have a field day, hope you have signs up saying you have surveilance operating otherwise youve broken more laws then those poachers have :slight_smile:

Unless you have proof the people above extracted gold then anyone in the photos above i urge you to take legal action againt prich for defamation of false accusations, im sure you were just relic hunting wink wink.

Gogold prich like myself are feed up to the back teeth of people helping themselfs to what we pay to do , these people dont know how to pick up rubbish, dont care about NZPAM rules nor do they give a shit about stock or shutting gates because 99 percent of the time they are there without permission, and as far as oldies go ive seen the pictures and can assure you its more than oldies just helping themselfs , deformation of character are u joking ? the only reason people carry , buckets shovels picks and metal detectors is Gold u know that and i know that


I understand and id be pissed too but im just pointing out the legal threshold of the alleged crime and the fact they have legal rights too esp if you act in a defamatory way with no evidence… having beer in a car dosent make you a drink driver, having a detector at a claim dosent automaticly mean gold poacher
Imo dont waste your time with pigs, flat tyres, broken windscreens and drowned metal detectors will achieve far more then a useless poolice officer

yeah i know , far easier to get your own revenge especially on repeat offenders

I have always felt the time and money spent getting a claim should be respected unless there is a invitation there is still gold out there if you are prepared to do the hard yards in remote spots I feel thease people are much like the floating masses that go to the west coast for whitebate don’t care about the locals trying to make a buck to keep ahead there just there for a quick smash and grab and move on it would be hard for the police unless caught in the act as effectively you are dealing with the queens chain unless they are trespassing over someone’s land

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well you bring up some good points i have had access to a claim for a bit of this year was great , now here is a point that had not crossed my mind i do a lot of metal detecting and walk a lot of tracks along side rivers looking for coins ,fishing lures that could make me a claim jumper this is a point that had not crossed my mind. but not using the small coil that i do on gold so were does this put me ???

No decent gold miner should poach a claim, it’s the oldest rule in the book and only deserves the same treatment a claim jumper received back in the day when there wasn’t any coppers about wink wink.


I must admit, I’ve often wondered about this too. Most claims are putting a boundary on the actual waterway so I guess it’s not technically claim jumping if you’re up on the banks outside the bounds. Depends claim to claim though.

Geez Gavin, you operating a supermarket out there?

heating the tar up now and getting me some feathers


Gavin has hit the nail fair and square right on the head. As to claim boundaries. Most creek, riverbed claims are Tier Two so called hobby claims. And I would say 100% of those are for dredging. Take a look at the various claims on PAM or on here/ And you can see that in just about every case it is only the actual waterway that is under claim. As that is the only area you can work with a dredge effectively. So that area is wet bank to wet bank in normal flow. Any ground outside that area is open to have a claim application on it, if there isn’t already one or an Exploration Permit etc. And of course they will also attract artisanal hobbyist type prospectors, Who although they are technically illegally mining are not in fact claim jumping or poaching a claim. They may of course be using the water,but that in itself is not illegal. When I had claims I didn’t give a bugga about sluicing panning or detecting on the banks by these folks. But a dredge in the water flow was a different story. I had more problems with sand fly’s than these folk. Lets be honest, how many on here have undertaken in what is termed illegal mining. (Not on a License) I can see the hands going up everywhere. Lol. And gogold as a retired policeman I find your description of police somewhat alarming. I rushed to the mirror and thank god, not the slightest resemblance. What a pity “The Miners Right” was dispensed with all those years back. Yep I had one of those. No illegal mining in those days.

Cheers Trev aka “The Hatter”


My claim covers a large amount of beach either side of the bank in some areas 40-50+ meters to allow for high flows , new channels after a flood or if I want to dredge into the beeches I can , I put it to you if you look closely on the permit map most claims allow for this , case in point the manuherikia claims all exceed the river margins substantially , so the old “but I’m not in the river ploy “ is total bullshit …Hey Trev you should check for lice while your at it especially behind the ears hahahaah .

Also to further this discussion on who should be called if you find someone helping them selfs surely nzpam should be be all over it , my annual permit fee Is dam near 3k if I had traffic & pics such as the OP does I’d be making a shit load of noise in there direction , be interesting to see what they say on we’re the buck stops and who exactly is responsible for chasing these matters up .


Public land also includes :

  • esplanades and other reserves administered by local authorities;

  • Crown land; and

  • marginal strips and unformed legal roads (paper roads).

Access restrictions to public land are a matter for the administering authority and any statutory power they may have to regulate access.

Access isn’t really the issue it’s the taking of the gold , from experience access can be very messy so unless the amateur gold theifs are crossing private land it wouldn’t be worth chasing up & even then if they were it would have to be the land owner that served them with a notice , any parcels of land like esplanades or reserves are unlikely to have a mining permit on them , when your talking public land in most cases you cannot stop people from accessing it & as mentioned above people are perfectly entitled to enter such places .

The one good thing about the claim jumpers is the satisfaction when you catch the b*stards, one of our mates once caught someone sneaking up his claimed creek that was also on his land, boy the poacher tried running for the hills you could hear him being yelled at from KM away, the police were called and they were dealt with appropriatley.

Hope you don’t get anymore people on your claim without permisson, just make very obvious signs saying private claim miners mining without permisson will be prosecuted or something like that, and add signs saying camera’s in use or something, hopefully that would scare them off.