Claim Poaching Name and Shame

Hi Everyone thought id post some photos up of some individuals who have been poaching on my claim based in Central Otago on the Manuherikia. Just downloading the images of all my trial cams and TBH im shocked at the amount of activity. I have always given permission to panners and sluicers who ask first on my claim without any desire for anything in return. Pay it forward has been my moto.

Due to evidence of motorized gear and detectors being used without my permission Ive decided to to put this up.

I do have some photos of vehicles with rego and other photos which I will not put up at this stage.

If any of these individuals are you please make contact ASAP. I have sent these photos to the local Ranfurly and Omakau police.

This is a very small sample of some of the individuals caught within the last week

As you can see from the photos these are timestamped and dated






good work mate bloody poachers they have no respect at all good to see you are on to them nice work pirch385 get the bastards


Wow, you are getting a lot of activity down there aren’t you! :frowning:

Good on you! I will do the same if I catch anyone. I don’t mind when they ask though


That’s a pitty , all older blokes too potentially ruining it for those that ask .


You spend good money to have a claim and then you see that shit :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: what makes people think they can? go to a public area or spend the money! hope ya catch them


A bunch of oldies. Guess in their day things were different. I hope you’re moving your camera prich before someone swipes it now the internet can see where it is, such is how it is these days. I used to look after a claim as part of a deal for use of it. Was relentless the people taking the piss right up to 6 inch dredges turning up even when I was there. Looking back I think the best bet would’ve been saying no to everyone. Seemed a bit of a case of I saw so and so there so thought it was OK, or it never used to be claimed and we’ve been coming here for years. I hope you manage to clear them out.

Did you hit up the information center in nasby for directing people to go panning there?

This is a different claim to the one on the Kyeburn

Yeah mate have moved the camera got a few positioned around at various spots.


Hi prich385

Thats bloody shit how many people you have poaching. In the past i have written letters or asked on here for permission to have a pan and sluice on people’s claims . Even driven 4-5 hours to personally meet the claim owner most have said yes . Working 6 days a week i never got a chance to go . Now that i have my own claim i feel how shit it is to have poachers I don’t mind if people ask and im lucky my claim is through a locked gate . But am sure people are still poaching and its shit . Its not cheap to get a claim . Hopefully you catch a few and it doesn’t bugger it for the good buggers that have asked permission


Wankers. Have the same issue on me and my mates claim. If we had trees nearby I’d setup cameras too. One day I will catch them and it wont be pretty

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Hi Pritch, That is shit mate & I can only imagine how you feel. That looks to be just one spot so the access must be quite easy for so many ‘oldies’ to get to. Maybe it is a hot little spot & the word is out. If that is the case have you not cleaned it out of gold yet. If not…why not? That would leave them with nothing to get & they most likely wouldn’t go back.
I see one is wearing a Minelab jacket. That is a bit gay. I wouldn’t think there are too many ‘easy’ access places for the public to get to that would be worth while for detecting or even sluice boxing. The bed rock areas remotely suitable for detecting with any chance of finding any gold, & even then very slim, are not that easy to get to & generally require access through private property. Out side of people taking dredges in I would think your gold is pretty safe from the 'oldies, or any one for that matter, with detector &/or sluice boxes.
Do you have signage that is very obvious to see stating that the area is claimed & under surveillance? In other words, Smile…you are on candid camera. I have your photo, I will hunt you down, I will find you & I will…
How often do you actually dredge on your claim there, is it just a hobby claim or your living?

The Omakau police & the Ranfurly police are the same people. They just commute between the two places & in between. That is their beat. I bet you your bottom dollar that the police will do absolutely nothing about it.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:



Yeah mate I’ve cleaned out some of the spot but there is still gold there especially bits I can’t easily get that are too shallow to dredge with my bigger dredge. Plus there’s lots of ground in there that hasn’t all been done yet. Someone has been in there with a smaller dredge but also its the banks and gravel bars that have had activity.

The spot is actually pretty hard to get to and not well known and pretty hard to see from the road.
I’m up there very regularly ie every weekend and as I now live in Cromwell visit during the week. I also have a great farmer who drives that area multiple times a day who monitors and moves people on. A true good bugger.

Jaco is the local cop in Ranfurly and Darren is the local cop in Omakau . I’ve dealt with them both on matters on my manuherkia claim as well as my kyeburn claim in the past ( including an axe attack last year in German Creek amongst a miner and a local) . They have been particularly good to deal with and have dealt with issues in the past. The Ranfurly cop knew Alan very well so had a good understanding on things.



Drop kicks like this mess it up for people like my wife and I who have been lucky enough to be invited onto claims while on the Mainland for a bit of fossicking.
We really feel for you and hope those photos identify the bastards and they are named and shamed.
There is no excuse for being on someone’s claim without permission FULL STOP!
We never tell anyone where we have been and are always clear on the day and times we visit.
Please don’t lose faith in us decent ones!


I find it halarious some of you folk think the cops will do something, they dont do fuck all with real crime so a better chance of you pushing runny cowshit uphill with a rake :slight_smile:
Pans sluice 3inch or smaller dredges and even md owners wont do fuck all damage to the gold content of your claim. I know its still irritating but the tine and effort spent worrying and chasing them oldies isnt wirth the stress and hassle, unless you own the land you cant even tresspass them lol

seems to me mr go gold you might want to wipe your chin there seems to be a fair amount of runny cowshit flowing down the side of it…bad mouthing the nz police and thinking that any form of poaching is acceptable shows me exactly the kind of person you are further more you might want to take some spelling classes or go back to where you once belonged lol

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Amazes me that they are golden oldies! I would have guessed that most poachers might have been younger people.

What brand of camera do you have? I might invest in some as the quality of the photos impress me.

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Time to camera up, hopefully I’ll get pictures of some hotties instead of some old geazers.


If you do, please share them around Mr Eel