Buying Nuggets any gold

Hi Nuggets;

Gold atm can buy all of your gold finding, we pay YOU 100% of your net pure gold finding, yes the full amount.
if you have any gold nuggets for sale, or any type of gold then call us on 0800003335 NZ, if you have more than 250G then we can travel to you and collect.
please let your mates know, as i have been told that the going rate on the south island is currently at 17% while in Auckland at 12% is the best you get…and yes any other type of gold including jewelry or coins…

So you are paying $59.75 per gram?

Correct. About their 59.30$ nz. So if you are a dealer you will deduct 5%
refining fees then add 15% GST. 56.30+ 15% will give you 64.70$ a
gram…you must be licensed .
If not then it’s 59.3$nz flat rate…for pure gold 9999ct

T Jordan

My recommendation to anyone is to keep every little bit of gold you can. If you have any spare cash BUY gold…do NOT sell it.

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Next week should be interesting, if things go bad between the US & KORIA,
then expect gold to sky rocket, however, if things go flat expect the
investing crowd to drop gold and jump onto the stocks again, this Jas been
the trade off for the last 20yrs or so…flat condition means gold to
retest support around the 1200$us levels while on the up side crossing the
1390$ level and closing above that at year end will signal the break out to
the up side…

T Jordan

Gold rises and gold falls - GOLD is a more viable asset than MONEY. He who owns gold owns WEALTH. I really dont give a stuff if gold goes down to TEN CENTS an ounce BECAUSE it will rise again to even higher margins. When political turmoil comes then gold can well be a medium of exchange in situations where money is totally worthless.
I note that the Asian people prefer gold - they LOVE gold because they have brains…they know the trends.
I would never sell gold - besides I like playing knucklebones with nuggets! Its much more fun than boring old sheep bones!
My advice to the guys…and gals…with detectors who find silver and gold rings and jewellery, especially on those North Island beaches - keep them. They may only be 9ct but they still have a gold content. It does not matter if they go up and down in value. What does matter is that they are SECURITY in troubled times…something to trade when money is worthless.
In fairness however to you I think that the price you pay is fair and perhaps better than competitive though if I personally did sell a little gold it would be by testing the Trademe market where idiots seem to go over board on nuggets.To anyone selling rings and judging by your other threads I do think you pay a fair price.

You are Right, when the trouble starts gold will rise, Asian holds gold for
many reasons, not only financially…
I have done way better trading silver and platinum than gold though… if
you know how to trade diamonds you are even better off , as diamonds goes
mostly up, if the price of diamonds goes down then the mines closes down
rather than dropping down the prices for operational reasons.
When you want to invest go for coins, then bars and as a last option
jewellery, if you wanna buy bars just let us know, only 3.5% Above the
spot. Now that would be a sound investment.
While other options will have a higher spread.
As far as I’m concerned and to the best of my knowledge, at 5% refining
fees that is the best price anyone dealer can get in NZ.
When to buy and when to sell its a personal choice, I always keep a hand
full of gold in my safe…its always good to moderate, sell some on the
top and buy some when it deps…you also don’t want to set on it for ever
as gold only appreciate in value but produces no income…like property
or shares and bonds… a wise investor will always diversify…never all
the eggs in one basket…
I placed my offer on the site as one dealer recently sold few nuggets to me
and they explained that the best they ever got was 17% below spot…
I’m not trying to convince people to buy or to sell, people will always do
what ever they believe that is right to do…they will believe the TV
news more than any real economist or…
I can only offer my services…
We will be launching the second ATM in papatoe Hunters Plaza soon…

T Jordan

I do buy bars and recently brought ‘just one or two’ back from Auckland where I buy. Diamonds - no thanks, not for me. I disagree about not holding onto gold ‘for ever’ - If it is always there then should money become worthless THEN you have the gold, or silver…nope never sell - just hang onto it IF you can afford to do so.
Actually I would be more than happy to pay spot price for nuggets myself to be honest…but then again I have a soft spot for gold.
You are quite correct - a wise investor does diversify. I also troll secondhand shops looking for bargains!

I know of several places that pay above the spot price, Trademe & Ebay are a few of those.

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That’s right for the right nuggets and or the right jewellery.
Their is a time,price and place for everything.
Look at GOLD between 2009-2011. Look at shares between 2012-2014.
Property…bonds until 2018 then again the commodities cycles…
The offer I placed is for those whom they are welling to sell not the ones
welling to buy.
2018 looks like an explosion in both gold . Silver and shares. Sorry for
bonds and property.
For the records silver does indeed out perforce gold in many cycles, just
look at 2002- 2007 then 2009- 2011. The will give anyone a good indication.
Trade me could take you anything between 7days to 2years. EBay is not any
What I offered is for those looking to sell on a regular bases not for
someone with 2g ring or…
FYI most jewellers in AKL sells to us, we launched our machines last March
and many dealers are exiting the market after 30yrs in trade…

T Jordan

I would not accept shares if they were given to me - couldnt be bothered. Shares can be one big loser but gold and silver will NEVER be a loser - not ever - they will always have bargaining and buying power.
In fact anyone wanting to get me to sell gold or silver has a better chance of pushing butter up a porcupines arse with a red hot knitting needle.

“up a porcupines arse with a red hot knitting needle”

Guess that was an experience to write about…

Have you got a desire to try it?

That is a firm negative… your description is more than vivid enough…

Hi T_Jordan, how does the sale process work ? How do you determine the total pure-gold content of what you are sent ? How long does settlement usually take ?

Hi Kernel,
What Type of gold? Jewelry or rough nuggets?
What’s the quantity? How often?
Are you planning to drop it in the machine? Then the machine will do the
full job for you.
If not, where are you located?
For large quantities we might travel.
We use different type of testing mostly Xray. Or Xrf. It depends on the
items. For high volume we will have to do a fire assay …as small
differences will start adding up…
I.e. rough gold could be 94% or 97% of purity. For small quantities it’s
only few $$$$ but for large quantities that turns into money…
Are you a formal dealer ? Miner? Or just a once of?..
You will still get the same price it’s just if you drop it in the ATM then
we need to add you into the system as a dealer.
For few hundred $$ it’s same day. Cash or EFT what ever you want. For 2000$
and above we prefer EFT for safety and accuracy …
You till us what suits you…
If you want to discuss in private…

T Jordan

Please tell me what 9999ct means? I have mined gold for near on fifty years and have never heard of 9999ct - I have heard of 999 or 99.9 percent 999.9 percent pure and I have heard of 9ct, 10kt, 15kt, 18ct, 22ct and 24ct as in pure gold but never 9999ct!
Can you guarantee to pay more than NZ Mint in Grays Ave? or Regal Castings in Akiraho Street? Both in Auckland of course.
Incidentally my recommendation to any one who wishes to invest in silver or gold is to deal with the two above but phone first to get prices as Regal Castings are usually just a little better. I have approached all major dealers in NZ and these two are the best. Most Jewellers I know of deal with Regal castings so that you are paying actually dealing with the same source as many of the Jewellers.
What are your buying and selling prices? Can you beat them?

Machine ? What does the machine do for me ?

For the sake of conversation, lets say that I send you once refined 99.8% pure Gold, you XRF it to 99.8%, does that mean you pay 99.8% of the current spot price ? Are there any ‘hidden’ charges like assessment fees etc. ?

I too have had a good run with Regal Castings, my last sale to them just under an ounce I got pretty close to spot price, no assessment fees or charges, they were also happy to show me the XRF result for my own interest.

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You are lucky, on a 5 Kruger rands they where trying to chop 20% refining
fees …i tried again to buy 22ct to make bangles to my client, they asked
The ATM machine is for retail only.
That’s the XRF for the attached nuggets bought this week.
If you do not require finished gold jewellery , then you are better off
taking it to gold merchant, if you need bullion also you can buy from the
commonwealth vault .
Regal is the only dealer that is offering finished and polished jewellery,
M&W partial. The rest is only bullion and refining.
Yes. Correct the attached nuggets , the owner got 58 * 0.96= 55.6$/g . As
that was the spot then.
You can always for more info.
If you are interested plz feel free to call 0221621266 T

T Jordan

Thanks, I understand now, will hang on to your details and get in touch next time I’m selling.