Buying Nuggets any gold

I swear by Regal Castings. They are definitely the best to buy from and I have my suspicions that these guys who advertise 1kg silver bullion bars on trademe buy them from Regal castings then put $100 plus profit on and offer them as ‘bargains’ on trademe!

Whats this about Kuger rands? You say - to quote you - 'You are lucky, on a 5 Kruger rands they where trying to chop 20% refining fees .'
That does NOT make sense - Kuger rands need NO refining fees! After all here are the details for you. The Krugerrand is 32.77 mm in diameter and 2.84 mm thick. The Krugerrand’s actual weight is 1.0909 troy ounces (33.93 g). It is minted from gold alloy that is 91.67% pure (22 karats), so the coin contains one troy ounce (31.1035 g) of gold.
In other words every one who is int he business knows that Kuger rands are one troy ounce of gold - NO refining is needed and if fees are charged then some one is fleecing some one else!
Actually I may have heard from you before - were you the chap who was dealing in Hong Kong or Singapore before arriving in NZ?

Regal Casting is excellent best to deal with - I travel to Auckland especially to deal with them…THAT is how good they are. NZ Mint in Grays Ave. is also excellent as I stated above.

Some times i think of starting my own refinery and sell in NZ, but when i
look at the size of the market , …it might be a good project for
retirement …
Guys i Operated in Dubai, South Africa, USA, Jordan and New Zealand,
Jewelry , bullion, Mines , Diamonds…An economist and 2 years of geology
, if i could be of any help, just ask , its free consultation… worst
case senarion i would say i don’t know…cheers
You can Reach me Via Paydirt , I like this site, or feel free to reach out
through my website we will launch in PapatoeToe Hunters
plaza this Monday …Cheers

Im not trying to speak high of any company or put down another, after all i do not know the owners of those refineries , i only deal with the front counter staff…They might be fantastic people and most likely they are families with kids Like the majority of us…
I have closed my chapter with Regal and with M&W , i would still buy some collectors items from NZmint , but i did till them frankly and they too it with a complete understanding, i will not be able to sell to them…occasionally i sell to gold merchant small lots though…i like to to talk to Tony as he is also experienced with International gold dealing and he also attends meeting with Martin Armstrong , The only man in the plant i would stand up if he walks in…
But the Best thing anyone can do is keep it simple; when you have some gold you want to sell , You just shop around and see the best price you can get " how much you will take home" not how much they promise you over the phone or how good they are to you …Ask for EFT even though it might take few more days to reflect into your account, but the moment you ask for hard cash then you would expect the price to change as they also have bank fees and handling fees…if you are doing Gold for gold they will charge you 50$ handling fees and zzero refining fees, but that because they charge you 40% mark up on the gold you buy, hold-on; they are not trying to rip-you-off , its just Rentals are so high, staff is expensive, tax man is the highest at 33%…no wonder our major retailers including Sir M. Hill the man created more jobs in NZ and brought more real money into NZ than any PM or any politicians in NZ…he manufactures over seas now…
I will always be proud that i was trained at Peter Minturn (New Zealand) Goldsmith School…

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Golly are you trying to shoot yourself in the foot? Well I was just looking at Trade me with the intention of listing silver bullion and note the when silver was selling yesterday at $800 NZ Kg where I buy the cost is $848 per 1kg bar so the mark up is 6 percent. I note that a 1 kg bar sold on Trade me at $905 last night and the vendors fee is $67 so best to buy from dealer and sell privately.
As for gold I was looking at asking price for nuggets on Trademe and they regularly sell at fifty percent over spot price and at the moment auction start price on some is 150% OVER spot price.
Love your long winded explanation above…it has the same grammatical anomalies and pattern of writing that a Chinese friend of mine writes in.
40 percent mark up on the gold you buy…who are you kidding. That is not correct. I guess you just made a typo there! Six percent is a pretty standard mark up on gold and silver. You must deal with the wrong people.
Can you explain bank handling fees a little better - CASH does rule - you must deal with the wrong bank. If you use other forms then there are the hidden fees…like the double whammy ones on my Cheque/Debit card account where the mongrels take two bites - one for the cheques and one for the debit AND its the SAME account!

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The international benchmark for refining is 5%.
The international benchmark for bullion is 5% .
With volume You might score 1 or 2% , in NZ we do not do volume.
Anything else is retail.
My grandparents had goats…unlike sheep they have beautiful eyes.
My parents had olive trees…
I turned to be a gold and Diamond dealer…
When the price for 9ct gold was 20$/g , both regal and M&W were charging 28$+GST. All one needs to do is to visit and try rather than…
We are launching machine 2 at Hunters Plaza tomorrow, the pay rate to the public is 92% while to the dealers …you don’t nerd to use , just call us and we will set you up…

I deal with Regal and they charge me 6 percent I believe. Also Engelhardt Industries used to pay 95 percent of spot price for clean gold on sight without assay - interesting. I do not know if they are now in business.
Yes I am aware of the 5%.
I dont deal with M & W I felt that they let someone I know down some time ago as that person knew nothing about gold and they paid a low price claiming that it was ‘scrap’ - it was 9 grams of extremely fine but also clean gold…they paid $400 which going by the price at the time was a little low I felt.

You have done well spoting my weaknesses with writing also with speaking as well as numbers…its something to do with my genetics not my origins…
I’m a crossbread yet the Armenian blood seams to form most of brain…
The good thing about my gold atm , it has a video, asset tracking devices…fingerprint readers…
You will drop your jaws to see who has been on it…prety much all refinery owners and gold dealers, taking photos and trying to understand how it functions…
They all wanted it for free or imitate it…good luck
I’ve had plans with them, but I’m not if they r here anymore.
As I have my own account in the commodities market I no longer require any refining services in NZ.
Just for the records, Darrell Clark’s is a retired gold Dealer in Akl, he took me to regal to sell my Kruger rand, he was shocked to see how they were handling the deal.
The best I can do for Perth mint is 3.5 Above spot but minimum 10oz. If you need fancy collection NZ mint can do…its always good to compare prices with Kitco.
Trade me is good for Darrell as he is retired…
Have a great day…

I have seen the fancy coins at Level 1 Grays Ave at NZ Mint. I would not touch them or any other coin minted specifically for a collector market with a barge pole! I am not into collector coins though I am into old coins, eg Silver dollars pre 1921, British or US Gold coins tickle my fancy but new minted ‘collector coins’ are no more than a rip off designed to entice the gullible fools.
Ok so if you sell Perth Mint Silver Bullion or gold do you allow pick ups and cash on the spot…that is how I deal when buying from Regal Castings and NZ Mint.

Mate no silver.
GOLD Perth mint I’m only doing u a favour, no money what so ever to make at 3.5% I will get them for you from the ASB vault or pamp from gold merchant, they give me dealers rate, but personally I’m not interested in the bullion market as no money in their…
YES I AGREE WITH YOU, only cash deals on buying at this stage as any refinery might go in liquidation any moment.
This month is a high risk high reward, if the war breaks out with Nk it’s up sky rocketing, otherwise its time for a directional change…end of October might be lower volatility
You till me what do you like me to do?
This is a 100% free service…

I am not saying that I am buying right now but asking if you accept cash and allow pick ups when and where the cash is handed over. I would not buy atm as all bullion has risen markedly over the last month and I buy when it is at rock bottom though in saying that I had been buying for investor friends every time I was in Auckland last year.

Just give me a 2weeks note plz. I will organise it for at that rate. But
not for 1oz. They will ask me 5% for smaller quantity. Minimum 10oz 2weeks
notice …thx

T Jordan

We are based in Africa,Kenya.We have 78Kgs gold Purity 96.7%carats 22 plus.You can visit Nairobi see and test the gold.


That’s a very old scam Mr. Nigeria
You will need to come up with a fresh one.

12 days ago
Exchange your gold for cash using the Gold ATM Public
Gold ATM
Last February something new arrived in Auckland - The Gold ATM. Kiwi couple T. Jordan and his partner L. Jade embarked on the project that resulted in a machine that buys gold from the public by utilising some of the best-known technologies in the market.

The machine is smart enough to identify the type of gold by its purity with its 100% self-calibrating scale and provide an offer to you in a fair pricing manner. You have the choice - accept the offer and get paid directly to your bank account, or reject the offer and take your gold.

The process is done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Introduce yourself (driver’s licence or valid ID is required).
  2. Introduce your gold (place your gold on the scanner on the outside of the machine).
  3. Finalise your transaction (accept the price and have the funds transferred to your account or reject the offer and take your gold away with you).

The Gold ATM system keeps records of all transactions including photos and fingerprints to provide to police to assist with any inquiries they may have.

Come and try it for yourself at one of our convenient locations.

  • Botany Town Centre (by the Farmers entrance)
  • Hunters Plaza Papatoetoe (food court path)

Follow us on Facebook.
See how the Gold ATM works

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Interesting nuggets in that photo…they look suspiciously like gold painted aluminium and I think they have all been made amateurishly by melting aluminium…note the flat faces on them or what looks like flat faces.

Now I wonder why Mr pgicheru put his 97kg of gold in your thread…that sort of seems suspicious and why did you point out his scam.

I must come visit your machine as I may be in Botany in five weeks time and am curious…indeed a miraculous machine. Do you meet face to face and pay cool hard cash $$$ in hand - with me ‘In god I trust all others cash’

Its an extremely dangerous scam, they will normally give few real gold 999,
you will test it and get the positive results, then they will open the full
bag for you.
naturally you will get excited and think you have scored and you are set
for life. then with all of the excitement you will close the deal at 80%
below thinking you are fooling those poor guys from Africa, you will help
them and you will make money.
but what is identically looking is the color and the shape, granulates of
copper is the full box.
they tried it with me in JNB 3 time . no luck.
they scammed even the most experienced gold dealers in the market in JNK,
funny enough the lady from DHL did the same with the refineries and the
gold dealers in AKL and got them right, she is now appearing in Court now.
few thing to notice on those granulates :
1- they very identical in shape and size 90% that means it has been
produced by a jewelry making machine and not a mining tools.
2- the real gold ones are 999 purity, naturally gold comes between 80-97%
purity from mother nature.
3- kenya does not have gold.
4- its 4hrs flight to do DXB and they have no tax on any gold in dxb so why
dont they sell it there?
5- Indian jewelers are all over the place in Kenya, they will buy anything
6- Gold from DRC and south sudan is sanctioned from the UN.

Only a fool will deal with the fools.

You don’t think you discredit yourself with your rather bad poorly worded attack on other gold buyers, calling them sleazy and making negative comments about their methods in you comment dated 2 November at 07.19 on Gold ATM "The Gold Buying Machine"
Out of curiousity I am assuming that it does not pay according to current prices otherwise it would need to refresh its buying prices every two minutes. If say 18 ct gold was $25 per gram what would you pay?

Once again I ask…do you meet face to face and pay cash…C.A.S.H

I noted you comment that you seem to state that the Kenyan nuggets are copper. No they are not. They appear to be aluminium gold painted. In fact we have a bottle of them up at my hut to ‘tempt’ visitors and yes now and again some go missing. What makes you think they are copper unless you have a hand in the deal?
I noted your comment in the Indian dealers… They don’t get scammed…believe me…they are very straight up as well generally. A hard deal maybe but scammers no.
Can you give an online reference so we can read about this woman who is supposedly coming up before the court for scamming. I would like to read it.

You don’t think you discredit youran look at yoorself with your rather bad
poorly worded attack on other gold buyers, calling them sleazy and making
negative comments about their methods in you comment dated 2 November at
07.19 on Gold ATM “The Gold Buying Machine” it is sent to a specific group
of people here in AKL, they know it, they will not last for long in the
market, we will update the site when suited.
one of them has given the note to his staff to look for work, the others
are deep in trouble with issues related to china and possibly the
Philippines, until the FIU crack on them not much we can do.
Out of curiousity I am assuming that it does not pay according to current
prices otherwise it would need to refresh its buying prices every two
minutes. If say 18 ct gold was $25 per gram what would you pay? 18ct is
currently 44$ or so per gram [ you can get anywhere between 34-44$/g
depending on how many grams you bring] if you bring 1-10g the machine will
pay you maximum 34$/g. if you bring 300g and above then you will have 44$/g
an so on and anything in between.
Once again I ask…do you meet face to face and pay cash…C.A.S.H. its a
cloud based technology , AI with live updates, and yes we can look at you
when you are dealing with the machine.
If you are one of those normal good old kiwis that we are comfortable to
deal with then yes , just type cash rather than your bank account and we
will get the cash for you, if its above 2k then please notify us in
advance. with all respect , if you are Chinese with gold nuggets or say
Italian national with Indian gold, we might say sorry. we keep it clean.

I noted you comment that you seem to state that the Kenyan nuggets are
copper. No they are not. They appear to be aluminium gold painted. In fact
we have a bottle of them up at my hut to ‘tempt’ visitors and yes now and
again some go missing. What makes you think they are copper unless you have
a hand in the deal? in Africa things are not that advanced, they will not
plat them. yes we have had them scanned with the Xray at the AU traders
refinery, and the result was copper full on…

I just happen to be one good old KIWI - 100 percent and one who has mined for gold for fifty years since I was a school boy plus invests in bullion. I deal with the self same dealers whom the Jewellers deal with thus bypassing the middle man.

No the kenyan nuggets are not copper - their colour is totally wrong - they will be gold painted pieces of aluminium and by gold paint I do not mean real gold plated but merely gold coloured paint.

By meeting face to face you cannot type cash unless its a scam in itself - meeting face to face means just that - you meet the person himself just as I meet the gold/silver bullion dealers I deal with in Auckland. I visit them at their business address and physically do a cash deal there and then - I NEVER deal with machines though I have read of some people who do but they deal in withdrawls only and that involves a V8 and Snig Chain.

I think that your machine in Botany looks pretty cool - in fact I think I saw something like it on Discworld.

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