Bastards I have...or have not met

This is indicative of this ‘police state’ New Zealand when they get a bloody foreigner to carry out their dirty work in this country - a democracy where rights have been eroded to such a degree that it will not be long before you need a permit to wipe your arse! A loyal servant to the bankers, the elite and the puppets of the elite who call themselves politicians.

Recommended reading for all those interested in panning, detecting AND BEING FREE.

a few years ago I contacted nzpam asking why permit/claim costs were so high and a pretty standard admin costs etc answer but they were looking at the feasibility of making some type of cheaper permits available for panning and sluicing. yeah right. its been probably 2 years and nothing yet. only $$$$$$ makes their world go round.

When I was a kid which was…a fair while ago…my father every year purchased for himself and for me a 'Miners Right. These miners rights were marvelous things - they cost either five shillings or ten shillings and you could fossick to your hearts content on any state owned land.
By considering this fact you can see how the rights of good honest decent New Zealanders have been eroded by a succession of New Zealander politicians/governments who DO NOT have the rights and freedom of the citizens at heart but who follow the doctrines of a hidden agenda.

Damn, did they get you, are you tweeting from prison? :oncoming_police_car:

Just head into a very remote location, that often kills carefree tourists.
I hear there are several people permanently living in Fiordland Wilderness (lot of gold there).

I know Ben Rudds hut because its about a mile as the crow flies form my house - he was actually a remittance man and once a week or once a fortnight went to get his remittance form home (England)
There was also a Scandinavian fellow lived in Preservation Inslet for many years - he was a good bloke and fishermen kept an eye on his state of health and brought him supplies and he in return kept the cockles of their hearts warm with I think Parsnip brandy! Jules Berg was his name I think and he used to run around with a rifle cut down to a pistol plus an ancient pistol that dated back to the gold rush days. His fisherman friends took him to Riverton when he was 72 and he died two years later. My old gold mining partner knew him.

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I’d like to try Parsnip Brandy.

Never tried it but I am sure that with a bit of research you could make it - my sons experimenting and making various concoctions though I am sure he has not thought of Parsnip brandy.

don’t know why doc cant leave people alone if they want to live like a nomad why no … bugger they don’t fit the mold so what


Agree entirely - I think the reason is because they dont have internet so the criminal system cant evesdrop on them and keep them under observation in case they realise how sick society is and call the peasants to raise up and revolt. Seriously though its a pretty sick country when DOC and others interfere in the lives of others who want to be different and dont harm others or want to shun mainstream society. Once upon a time when fairyland was real no one cared about the hermits and loners who enjoyed the solitary lifestyle. Not one of them was ever known to cause harm or interfere in the lives of others so why not let them be.
The same goes for those who want to go bush and pan or detect a bit of gold in THEIR OWN COUNTRY where no petty bastard should have the right to tell them they cannot do it…or have I got it wrong…perhaps the people of New Zealand no longer own New Zealand and are trespassing within the bounds of what we DID once own. Thanks to a succession of governments with ulterior motives who serve evil masters on behalf of an elitist few.

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if I wanted to go bush with my rifle so as to get food and my pan to get alittle gold pay for some food . take my tent where there is no hut and just wander round our country WHY THE HELL CANT I??? I sat f#ck doc
they are the biggest leaches on society with all their degrees so as they can tell us how to enjoy what we have had .most of them don’t know what a tree looks like…if I was a hermit living in the bush with my 45/70 they wouldn’t take me alive …now how dose that read ???am I going to shot them or am I going to shot myself???


I’m afraid you’ve got it all wrong; the new “real New Zealander’s” now live in Big Cities - anyone outside of this, especially remote South Island communities, have to go along with what they determine is correct.
Small time gold prospectors - well they are surely destroying the beautiful holiday spots.
Rich big city slickers cannot allow that, the rest of the country must be perfectly managed so they have a nice holiday/weekend get away, goodness knows big rich big city slickers deserve it.

Big Cities make the economy tick over and so they demand the majority of opinion… and majority of tax revenue to make the big cities more “livable.”

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Sounds like you’re going to hide in Franz Joseph Glacier and die from hypothermia :slight_smile:

yep goldpandemic I think you hit the nail von the head . and yes they pay taxes etc etc but sorry I will stay in my little community in hector where everybody knows every body . I have a 10min walk to my nearest gold creek I can hear wild goats on the hill behind my house. I’m in good deer country within 20min drive. by the way a cant find any traffic lights not with in a 3.5 hours of driving. bugger that I’m shifting to your big city…as if.
still going to take my 45/70 into the hills


Hi lammerlaw,yes pretty soon all we,ll be able to do is play tiddly winks in the lounge,as our entire country will be out of bounds,go get it while we still can.


Hmmm I got told the other day that DOC have put the price up to 26.00 pp at the camping ground by twelve mile!! My opinion is that we are paying for the tourists who go there and do the jit wow for that price think at least a few showers could be installed😉


New Zealanders are all tax payers and once upon a time all government departments worked on behalf of all New Zealanders - little do these sanctimonious over qualified text book know nothings realize but by making and enforcing ridiculous rules they are actually shitting in their OWN NESTS and destroying the present and future rights of their own families.
The DOC camp grounds should be FREE to New Zealanders and all others pay. Yes we ARE paying for the tourists who go there - something to be said for true freedom camping!

I HATE tiddly winks unless I am having a few winks when I am tiddly with truly beloved. Personally I dont know how it is that people dont see though the system and get rid of the government and put in place politicians who serve the people and not the off shore bankers and their minions and restore Kiwiland to what it once was.'
I read a report many many years ago that stated that New Zealand was a testing ground set up by the bankers who loaned us money under the Fractional Reserve system to create a ‘Welfare State’ - which was very temporary. Under this system it is impossible to repay the debt as the bankers had planned it this way and thus those off shore bankers ‘Foreclose the mortgage’ so to speak and effectively take the country over and subjugate the masses. Seeing what is happening now I do actually believe it. Wake up kiwis before it is too late, tell the leeches that they have been repaid many times over, elect a peoples government and bring back the rights of the people as it was in the past. Only then will you be able to go hunting, fishing, camping, gold fossicking and enjoy our great outdoors as we did in the past.

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Even though you paid a small miners right back in the day, they had a sneaky gold tax!

“A nugget of 108 ounces was rumored to have come from the Wakamarina
area during the 1800’s. However its existence was never officially
confirmed. It was said to have been taken to Australia where it would
have been melted down … to avoid the higher New Zealand Gold Tax.”

maybe its time to start a campaign to try and get some action at least in relation to being able to pan and sluice a bit easier and legally. yes I realise it will probably be a waste of time but nothing will happen if we all sit here and complain to each other. anyone know who would be the appropriate minister to start with. I think its a waste of time complaining to nzpam.

ALL minority groups need to band together to become a force to be reckoned with and they need to agree to differ in opinions in relationship to various things but to support each other regardless and force the hand of the government. A bit like a ‘Citizens Union’ - Trampers - fishermen - hunters - gun owners - gold fossickers - and so on. They need to be pro active and make their point not heard but FELT. That does not mean civil disobedience or anything like that but through positive education of the masses, complete boycott of any ministers of the crown who oppose their demands and so on. Television coverage and documentaries showing the erosion of rights including historical footage and clearly detailing the rights and life style of good honest New Zealanders fifty years ago to show how those rights have been carefully eroded so that today ninety nine percent of people have no idea. It also includes getting New Zealand back into the hands of Kiwis - NO foreign land ownership, no bloody more immigrants and when immigrants come here one home only and no investment properties charging good old kiwis a fortune in rent.