Bastards I have...or have not met

Lammers, great to see you back again. I have missed your stories of old.
You can blame User Pays for the increase in the Miners Right and all the other fees. I got one many moons ago only to find that it had gone up to $80. Then the Resource Management Act came in and the Health and Safety laws were updated after Cave Creek collapse. All supposed to protect us and the environment. Just don’t think some farmers and those wanting all the water think it relates to them

Thanks Kiwisouth for the nice comment

It is merely the rights and priviledges of good honest kiwis being eroded to keep the elitist society happy - the elitists being the 1 percent who dictate terms - a triangle consisting of the off shore bankers who are the receivers - their puppets the politicians - the wealthy businessmen. THEY want New Zealand for themselves and YOU are here to serve them or at least that is the way they see it. You have no rights - none- and those residual rights you might still have are being eroded more and more.
As for health and safety laws do they save lives - not on your Nelly they dont - in fact Health and Safety, Cockupation Siphilis and Horemongers (OSH) together with Department of Constipation actually POSE A THREAT to the freedom and rights of all common New Zealanders.
How many times have you watched ‘Piha Rescue’ - how many times have you noted that some poor adventurous Kiwi lad or lass has had to be rescued climbing Lion Rock - its happening all the time. Prior to Cave Creek I guess it would be Lion Rock had stanchion and a wire rope to act as a barrier and hand hold to climb the rock BUT today those stanchions and the rope have gone. I bet my bottom dollar that DOC had something to do with that. DOC WILL BE responsible for the first death on Lion Rock due to no safety rope and it will happen because there are people like me who WILL climb it - the views fantastic.
So why did DOC do it - it has nothing to do with Cave Creek - merely an excuse - to put the lives of New Zealanders at risk on the pretext of Cave Creek in order to erode the rights of those same New Zealanders just that little bit more and get them just that little bit more under rule of thumb. I made enquiries as to who the irresponsible bastards were who removed the safety wire rope at Cape Saunders and was told that DOC had done it. I slipped there a few years ago and nearly went over because the rope is no longer there. The removal of these safety ropes and devices only prevent a few from venturing further and those with a little sense of adventure and a desire to see the top will never be put off regardless of the ten fold risk to their lives and safety.
As for the farmers and the environment - it is an example of how the elitists are calling the tune to the detriment once again of all New Zealanders and their rights - to go swimming - fishing - boating - tramping - hunting etc some of which are now impossible in rivers heavily polluted and nearly dead due to the greed for money.

A view from the top - I took it the other day from the top of Lion Rock - enjoy - the bastards will put a high concrete fence with electric wires around it to stop us climbing it one day all to keep you safe haha!

What can I say? “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is probably a sensible solution to this. Stay under the radar and live life… it’s too short to be spent in complete bitterness about these things. Not that I don’t agree with you though.

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