Back out on the river

Popped down on the low tide nice little 1903 silver and a lead solder (first for me)


Be keen to hear if you get an ID on that copper tag. I found the same thing up here, only stamped Mt Eden 1901 119

Nice ages on the coins.


The copper tags are oĺd dog registration tags.
Pic is of a us one but you get the idea.
Were rivited directly to the dogs leathercollar still in use in New Lynn Borough council till late 1970s early 80s


Most Excellent! Explains the leather still rivetted to mine!
Can move it out of the UFO box now :slight_smile:
Thanks WD

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that lead toy looks very english bobby unusual if it is guns were not issued to police ,may still not be.

Dig that lead toy. Awesome find.
Does look like an English Bobby, maybe home guard.


I’m thinking boar war from memory they had those sort of hats

Is the 1909 the date of issue?

Presume so. Mine came from the ‘turn of the century’ layer at my local. Was deeper than the mid 1900’s stuff I’ve had there.

Hit a washout at a beach north from here.


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couple of silvers and half a fob which the young fella found


That spoon has seen a bit of action! Awesome.


Sweet, sweet silver :sunglasses:

Came bloody close to chucking it in the bin had a crust over it

nice silver,whats the date

Ingraved 1990 on the back

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The lead and copper collection grew this afternoon but pulled my 2nd token and my oldest “coin”


thats a nice token looks in good nik.