Back out on the river

Hi Roy yea I’m pretty stoked with the find reserch suggests quite rare trying to workout the best way to remove the staining I’ve givin it a light rub and it’s come up mint apart from the blotches

WOW, that is a sweet find!

give it a soak in olive oil,take it out after a few days and wash it with dishwashing soap,look, dry, and repeat untill you decide its done. finish with renaissance wax.

Wow! That’s an awesome find.


Please don’t use olive oil on valuable cupro-bronze items. Sure, it comes up nice, but as the residual olive oil breaks down (you will never extract it all in a domestic situation) it releases acids condemning the object to an eventual slow death by the dreaded green fluff.

Light clean with a fibreglass pencil (or wet and hammer the end of a bamboo skewer), then soak in distilled water for a few weeks, then dry for a few hours at 40-50°C and then renaissance wax while warm to get it right into the corrosion cavities.


Now by some slim chance I did put it olive oil overnight are you saying the token is stuffed? according to reserch it’s made of copper and does Roy owe me a couple of gold rings as compensation :grinning:

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Some info on Gittos family

Detected that whole domain only found a few bits and peices and a perverts stash of ladies underwear i can only assume was stolen from clotheslines in the area…


I was born an breed not far from there in titirangi have often thought would be great to have a hunt around the area

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dont worry.i have cleaned over 30 tokens,dozens of copper and bronze pennys,not had a reaction yet some cleaned 6 years ago

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A few more bits and pieces today


That hook looks 925, and a nice old button too

Hi Kate not sure on the hook my young fella was hunting with me and claimed it☺ I had to beg him to let me put it in the photo. I asked him where it was this morning he shruged his sholders…have you been detecting? Whangarei is a hard one

Was looking at the dark patina and the engraving - too flash for junk pewter I think. Worth saoking in cloudy ammonia for a few hours - If your son can find it LOL!
Not wrong with WHG being tough going at the moment - Real hard graft for slim pickings. Saw two separate guys working the city beaches last weekend. Couldn’t recognise what machines they were swinging.

Starting to try and think outside the box, as it were, to get away from the crap. Future generations could economically mine this area for the titanium in the pulltabs I reckon!

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Half hour on the river popped a pretty old 925 ring and a county council dog rego


Excuse my ignorance…but the reference ‘925’ is unfamiliar to me. Please enlighten me.

92.5% Silver (Sterling Silver)

Aah…thanks kernels

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Yeah and then council fencing off my spendy spot at the park for earth works making WHG not my favorite town for detecting at the moment.

Bit more lead and copper
Small crusty 925 ring

Starting to get a few of these dog registration tags