Auckland - it just gets madder everyday

[glad I decided to leave when I did]

  1. First thing that will happen, motels will become lodges for locals (not bad).
    Or sell up and add to the overpriced mansion epidemic that is auckland.

  2. Visitors will stay in Hamilton and drive up to their concerts adding to the traffic.

  3. Visitors will rent camper vans (probably not from auckland).

  4. Visitors will use Couch Surfing services.

  5. Promoters will move their concerts to Hamilton (fastest growing city in NZ, also third largest and closing in on Wellington FAST).

  6. Backpacker accommodation will close, making it even more difficult and expensive for locals to stop in auckland. Poor tourists won’t be able to go there - not a bad thing though, they get to see the best of nz and avoid the worst.

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Yes I saw that - as for me I LOVE Auckland and spend a lot of time there - its warmer than Dunedin. The North Shore is Kiwilands most beautiful city - Glenfield, Forrest Hill, Birkdale, Milford, North Head, Papakura, Browns Bay, Mairangi Bay and Orewa - I love them all. I will be there next week and if visitor tx included Kiwis then I KNOW that I can be included in an Address there as a resident.

mad in Auckland - you should try the Bay of Islands. cant even get a rental here.
With a record breaking 70 thousand imports into the country, where do they all stay.

Shady as


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Sorry but Northshore is a dank place (excluding Birkenhead/Davonport/Orewa).
I do like auckland, nice volcanos (the ones that are left), islands, many hidden beaches. It’s the people and houses that are bad. And all that money that is given to them by the Government - which solves NOTHING.
Better to give it to the Far North, it could become our Tropical tourist paradise. Or the West Coast, these places need an investment to draw the tourist dollar/create some kind of industry/jobs.

Sorry to hear that Shady.

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Strange as I have travelled this country from one end to another and spent a great deal of time staying in different places - this year and last year spent a good deal of time in Glenfield and Birkdale and found the people as friendly as they come - no worries here - love the place and like the people - maybe it is our own personalities and how they relate to specific people or even to people in general and our attitudes. Strange to relate some of the most courteous people I have ever had the privilege to meet are in Glenfield and environs and I am not even a city slicker!

Yep maybe all the badies have been outpriced recently. Even Otara vicinity is being spruced up (with high fences and electric gates mind you).

NZ is a great place. More job opportunities in the far North would be the go as they are few and far between.
More so the return of cheap affordable housing for everyone. Livin in sheds caravans and spare rooms ain’t much fun. Worse still - having to live back with the old’s…

Its not all doom and gloom tho - everyday you get up to hear the birds chirping is a good one.


My dream is to live wild in the bush. It’s amazing with the bird life as you say. I’ve had a Tui perch 1 metre away from me to sing, and looked at me peculiarly as if to say "What are you?"
Seeing native birds up that close is an experience. I’d love to spot something such as the South Island Kokako (or anything they say is extinct). And record Gecko’s, they are cool.

I was born and bred in west Auckland. 15 years ago I came to a place called Ngunguru for a holiday I have been back twice first time to sell my house the second was hospital have a look on Google earth you can see why

Ngunguru is a beautiful place, I lived near there once.

I have lived a great deal of my life in the bush and mountain country - once worked with NZFS - I still live fairly remotely on occasions. My high country property is reasonably secluded - its an old gold field - and yet I love the hustle and bustle of Aucklands North Shore - yay be there in two days after spending the last two days at my place in the mountains so one extreme to another!!

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I wondered where all the good stuff had gone😃

Yes, love the bird life up here. We have a couple of Tui’s outside our window every other day. Tonnes of Quails and Pheasants.
We leave water out for them and plant bird attracting native trees.


Just saw a quail the other day, very peculiar sound.
Some guy breeds the pheasants across the road, they drive me nuts, get into the garden like crazy.

Not a fan of Tui’s after one decided to crow all night from the top of a palm across the street (in Mt Eden) during nesting season (3 months) - it traumatized me for life! :angry:

Right now I am in - wait for it - AUCKLAND - I LOVE the place.- I am actually WARM and not freezing as I do back in Otago and up here I can go to the malls in bare feet and shorts and light T shirt and no one thinks I am a retard AND down south I have to dress like an Eskimo which I hate.

In fact if anyone wants to be negative about Auckland and owns a REALLY NICE home with DECENT section with view on the North Shore but not on a main route plus a good boat 30 foot plus and wants to swap for over 2000 acres of private estate complete with all the gold fossicking you could wish for and wild pigs to shoot and the odd deer then I would certainly listen to offers,

Harden up! snowflake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Auckland is nice, volcanos, there is a shop always open, islands, gold (if you have the info).
Just the people, too many of them.

Snowflake - I aint your snowflake - cripey that sounds gay - harden up? Interesting to say that to a guy with my past but rest assured that what spins my wheels might not spin yours. Too many of some people yes but generally with the exception of one arsehole car dealer in Wairau Road plus two gun sellers at gun shows the people are perhaps more friendly than I have ever met and I have travelled widely. I like two extremes total solitude followed by crowds. Thats me - you got your preferences and I guess one of them is not Auckland.

I mean’t harden up against the cold. :grin:

Ironically I moved to auckland 15 years ago for the crowded city life.

Give me the quiet old country anyday complete with quails, noisy pheasants and agro Tui’s.
We only have around seven thou population in Keri but the traffic is insane.
Hard to figure out where it all comes from - or goes.
My guess is half of them are jafa’s.



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Oh you would love Auckland in January, all the jafas leave and it is the most peaceful place in the world; Sunday driving every day.