Anyone else tired of activists using kids for their dirty work?

Personally think youth activists ought to be more angry at the adults, that have effectively ‘sent them to war,’ for their interests. The kids don’t seem to discuss how these groups are more often than not infiltrated by more dangerous people than, for example, those with mining shares. We phased kids out of combat after WW1 (largely, there were some in WW2) and began legislating the matter, the plastic argument holds some sway but it would be more effective to protest outside the Chinese embassy and make them start taking it again or being the change you want to see. The only people who stole their childhood are the adults that invite them to events or drove them there. If I see kids protesting outside the gate of my mining investment I don’t see how this is different than Liberia in 1990 or any other such Human Rights situation.

And to top it all off, spot how many kids that the law says cannot vote because they have not grown into the capacity to make such decisions that shout, ‘show me what democracy looks like.’

There was a good reason the UN Security Council condemned the use of kids in armed conflict, just saying…


its all part of populism which seems to be taking over any sort of common sense.

the green folk got brushed of many times mainly because they behave like low level terrorists. now that their rhetoric has zero impact or meaning theyve taken the guilt approach and sending their kids in to do the dirty work and spread climate hysteria.

if this fails then the next step leftist activists will take will be more extreme like riots and disruption to govt or the industries they claim to be most evil.

theres a reason the greens are pushing for 16yr to vote… Gullable and easily brainwashed, sad thing is theyre empowering a good chunk of idiots that have no clue and the way the media has picked it up it may well happen :frowning:

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go gold you are SO correct. people are blind to what the greens are trying to do.

but, I still think that kids should still earn there living . made them dig it saves my back. nothing wrong with a good whipping if they don’t pull their weight. only trouble with with holding food is it makes them weaker and they cant work as hard.

sorry this comment will close this thread down. just got to weight for lammerlaw to put a comment.

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Nowt wrong with me dad sending me up the chimneys, brought me up with a real perspective on life… :laughing:
I encountered one of these Climate-Strike students a few weeks ago. They couldn’t answer any questions outside their predetermined ‘script’ , had no thought process to handle probing questions and were totally confuzzled when I asked why all their school classrooms had airconditioning… Let alone how banning plastic drinking straws will save the planet. “We’ve made advances with disposable shopping bags…”, “You’re holding a disposable bottle of water, what’s the carbon miles on that?” …“I’ll recycle it” was the wavering reply.
Agree with @The_Cook_Strait. Purely arrow fodder.


the wifes nephews and neices took part, she asked why and what they were guna do in their own homes to make a difference.

the reply… who cares we dont have school and thats why 90% of the ppl participated

Riddle test, what is it?

didn’t think they are kids clothes. not womens underwear. got me lost.

Interesting topic with some pretty complex issues:

First of all- Climate change. Probably one of the biggest issues that we as a species face with many of the effects of climate change going to radically change how we live.

Secondly- I think there is a pretty good argument to say we need to be doing more to not just protect ourselves from its effects but also to transition ourselves away from a carbon based economy

Thirdly- We are luckily enough to live in a society that values democracy and the right to free speech. Part of this is the right to protest.
Comparing our national protests and youth activists to what happened during a brutal civil war in Liberia I dont quite see the connection?

I think the argument to lower the voting age to 16 does have some validity. After all you are allowed to legally work (and pay tax) and it is the age of consent. I myself think that 16 is to young to vote as your brain has not fully developed.

What I see happening at the moment in many western societies is this ultra left wing ideology being promoted. One can see this in many of our institutions with things like bloody diversity quotas and safe spaces, politically correct garbage etc. Oh and dont get me started on the gender pay gap which is the biggest load of shit. Unfortunately many of the arguments put forward by our activists and this is particularly relevant to the green movement is this ultra left wing ideology making its way into these important issues. - So yes Arrow fodder in some retrospects.
The net result of this is we loose sight of what the actual issues are and we are loosing the ability to actually have a mature conversation about how to deal with it all. The irony is this is counter productive to everyone.

What we really need is logically informed debate based on facts not emotion. The use of science as a way to communicate this and look at evidence is vitally important. We need to start trusting people who are actually experts in the field. Issues like global warming are hugely complex issues. The average layperson doesn’t have the expertise to decipher things like atmospheric chemistry, carbon cycles, Paleoclimatology etc and make sense of the data. What is see is so much loss of trust in people that are the experts which is sad.

The point im making is im reasonably comfortable with people protesting about this issue as we do need more action. What Im also arguing for is reasoned debate without ideology influencing important decisions about our future.

That’s the point of a riddle really.

Don’t look if you don’t like spoilers…

Green washing

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I’m, personally, wholly uncomfortable with day off incentives to teach kids civil disobedience, it’s truancy. I guess I’m a hypocrite too as my 16 year old self took many days off to go do whatever (moving to urban from country wasn’t good for me) in the good old days when it was on your report card and not text messaged to your folks. I was really pleased to see that Portugal kicked out Extinction Rebellion from the marches. We could have done that to Greenpeace and the Unions, I believe they are here too, ER, but I didn’t see them in the footage.

There are some complex issues there too, absolutely, and some parts undeniable, but still some scientists worthy of distrust too.


Yes dont get me started on Greenpeace. Deceptive selling techniques

Guilt based marketing as well as pushy sales tactics that sux vulnerable people in ie the elderley

Overpopulation is the root cause for most of the environmental issues, wonder how many of those activists will save the planet and get sterilized and not breed??? most are simply virtue signaling and live a high carbon/polluting life

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Gogold…you have hit it on the head. Overpopulation leading to chain events leading to the environment and ecological systems heading to overload, or destruction thereof. More people equate to more food,…overfishing, (also cultural demands…like shark fin soup etc) demand for latest technologies, more houses, more CO2. Less land to grow trees to offset that. More pollution and sewage into the sea and waterways…Uggggh, the list just keeps expanding and radiating out. I think a good first start for these activists is ue your energy to pick up litter on the land and beaches…brainpower more ways of recycling stuff. 2 child policy world wide. There are other solutions but not PC.

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come on guys (or what ever) there is no prove of sea levels rising , it hasn’t happened yet its all theory . remember the 70s when the buzz word was ozone holes and ban aerosol cans , then we were running out of petrol and we had carless days and lower speed limits. don’t forget the fart tax on animals. wake up its just a new way of getting funding for research . screw climate change, let us worry about things that effect us now . like controlling doc and others like greens on our mining rights.

by the way cook strait I prefer camo clothes so I cant be seen when poaching.

“come on guys (or what ever) there is no prove of sea levels rising , it hasn’t happened yet its all theory”

VERY good point.

People have prophesied the end of the world for thousands of years.
I think that there is a modern religious cult being developed here.

  1. They have a protocol for what their believers eat ( no meat, vegan or vegetarian diet, denouncing people who kill animals and eat meat )
  2. They have a protocol for the language that their followers use. (Politically correct speech). Freedom of speech is not defended.
  3. Questioning the central doctrine of Climate change is treated as heresy. Heretics are labelled " climate deniers" and are ostracized from the group.

Competent engineers & scientists developing new tech are the ones who make a real difference, NOT the idiots screeching and preaching in the streets.

There is plenty of evidence to show sea levels are rising including records that go back almost 400 years. Coupled with highly accurate altimetric satellites that have shown sea levels continue to rise on average by about 3 mm per year globally. The science on this isn’t controversial , its actually pretty basic stuff - As you heat water it thermally expands. The majority of sea level rise is due to thermal expansion of water (as the planet warms) coupled with melting of land based ice from glaciers and ice reserves.

Re - Overpopulation - I think its pretty simplistic to say overpopulation is the root cause. Its actually the minority of people on this planet that contribute to the bulk of our emissions. Us in western societies who make up around 20% of the global population are responsible for the vast bulk of global resource use as well as emissions.
The population growth of the world is actually slowing and is projected to plateau by about 2060 (give or take). The planet can support this large population and still achieve the living standards we enjoy in the western world. However changes in how we obtain our energy (think nuclear and renewable) as well as making better use of our resources is required. I agree technology will help us but we also need to change how we do things at a individual level as well.
One of the greatest tools we have to reduce population growth ironically enough is female education standards as well as access to cheap forms of contraception. As the literacy rate of females increases the birth rate drops.

Look if climate change is picked up by people and used as part of this “modern religious cult” then thats the prerogative of people that choose that path. My point is that still doesn’t detract from the problem we face as a species and that is how we adapt and change our lives so as to mitigate from the effects of climate change. Burying our heads in the sand doesn’t help,

Im 50/50 on these activists part of me says well look at some of the ideology being promoted and the PC , hippie brigade doing there nah nah the other part of me is like well someones got do something about this problem and we need political action to push for change. I mean there is some irony here and the fact we are talking about it on a gold forum shows that its being pushed to the front of some of our minds

Oh BTW the riddle test above- Looks to me like the laundry of a Gender Studies Student

Hi prich385, I agree with most of your summary

Could you please expand on this? This is the part where I’m a bit lost, because I haven’t (perhaps through my own ignorance however) noticed these political types bringing many bright ideas to the table. Or are you suggesting legislation?

I don’t have a lot of green clothes these days to make the point. But yep. its pushed in more ways than one. I’m just writing a letter on an aspect of that so I recall what I thought if I need to send it, regarding media coverage and some in the private sector’s recent conceptualization of Climate Change as a topic, but no trained specialist journalists supporting the rationale. The concept is not new but perhaps abused in that context.

It is totally relevant to a Gold/Metal detecting forum, our home legislation has constructed our reality and constraints so well that we, I hope, don’t think of leaching volumes of mercury into our waterways or even anyone else’s while on holiday, running after a buck and don’t think it a good shortcut, frankly not sure if we can buy such things these days anyway. It’s more that there’s plenty of fairly good capitalist gold miners in challenging circumstances where temptation to cut corners is ever present (current companies operating in Liberia and the contrast between some of their ways says again that the protest should have been outside the Chinese Embassy) that are doing things with some community thought, as there are farmers I am sure, yet this is still pushed, and by kids at the expense of their lesson, probably on that very topic that day, and the real problem is never known and boom an entire generation greenwashed with only a future of government surveillance and bugged meetings to look forward to after mum and dad signed the permission slip because it was fashionable and our media focus helped to sweep them up.

It’s fair to say that land comes and goes in terms of sea levels I don’t dispute that now we can collect data that we have data on this, I am just not panicked by it (not a beachfront section owner) and not sure I really should be totally panicked, but some urban planning forethought is fair.

We all have short memories… remember the y2k hysteria, was nothing more then a gold mine for those involved and climate change is the same as the $$$$ for research and concepts are massive but to date very little return.

Treating symptoms is pointless and nothing more then a feel good thing. if all those activists were sincere then they wouldnt have petrol/diesel cars, wouldnt be dressed in plastic, wouldnt eat anything they didnt grow themselves and they sure as hell shouldnt live in a polluting concrete jungle… yep virtue signaling march it was

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It’s simple really if the earth has had enough of what we are doing to it. And I’m not saying anything about climate change. It will get rid of us and carry on with nature and reclaim anything we have made back to dust

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