Antique travel scales

Would like $100 ono for these. Postage and packing included. (and lunch if you want to pick them up)


Hi kiwikeith,. Yes please! Where abouts are you based?
Cheers Scott

Caz here. In Hector. I have had a later offer from Robyn. If you are keen I can post my phone number and we can discuss payment etc.

Keen as will top best offer its a kiwikeith treasure to a good family

LOL. I will see what happens with Scott and /or Robyn. Not sure how best to do this though but it would be lovely for it to go to a good family!!!

Hi Caz, thanks for the reply. Yep post your number and I’ll be in touch. I looks like a lovely piece, and would look lovely next to my other antique gold mining equipment. I’m happy to have a bidding war with Robyn and see where we end up! Lol
Cheers Scott

Robyn is actually John so I found out but he is quite happy to let us talk. Phone number here is 037828955.

Are you still interested in scales?

Hi Caz, thanks for organizing. I’ve put a little extra in your account as I feel I was underpaying.

Kind regards,

That was very generous of you. I have just posted it. Happy harvest.

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Hi Caz, I will be heading over to the Coast on Sunday or Monday, spend 2 or 3 nights down at Ross, see what I can get at Jones Creek. And I know I must go further up the creek, where others have been less likely to have been.
I will come past you on my way to Gentle Annie, and stop for a cuppa. I will ring you on the day, if you aren’t home, will try another day.
See you next week. Ben.

I should be home on those days. It’ll be great to see you. Safe journies and happy golding!!


I’ve been looking everywhere for scales like this, do you know where you got them from and what weight came with them?
Thank you.

Hi AJ,
These now take pride of place in my lounge, came with 6 weights.

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Is there a company name on the scales? Would love to get me some.

Na sorry they are completely unmarked


Haywoods auction Dunedin - finishes tomorrow. Should go quite cheap.

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Are they antique… or made in China replicas?

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

I have a set. They are made in India I think. Probably made in the 1950s - 60s. Still look nice on the shelf and weight correctly.