And Lammerlaw wonders why nobody mines in NZ

A perfect example of why nobody but big companies can afford to mine in NZ. As he says in the article. Lots if gold. Just to much political bullshit to deal with. It’s takes millions to set this kind of thing up and helps out the local community. Give a few retards some power and see how fast a company will pack up and go elsewhere. Not worth the hassle/stress you have to deal with.

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Seems a strange heading as I do not wonder at all - I was actively mining for more years than most forum members have been alive - I have a good knowledge of what is going on in this country - and I sure in fucking hell do NOT wonder why no body mines in New Zealand - the only thing I wonder is why the fuck everyone whinges, whines and gripes but DO NOTHING!

In this country the criminals who dance to the tune of the foreign bankers are suppressing the populace at an escalating rate by targetting minority groups first. Minority groups have few supporters and therefore one by one can be suppressed. Gold miners, whether hobby fossickers or serious Kiwi miners are getting beaten into submission and whining about it does nothing.

You are right - it is not worth the hassle and stress. If I can motivate myself to shift of my lazy arse I will draft a letter to Winston Peters and the PM advocating my proposals for Kiwi miners - I will also place all correspondence on this site for you guys to use as you will, that is to share on social media…watch this page but as I said if I can motivate myself. I have strong feelings about the rights of miners on new Zealand as well as other small groups - hikers and trampers, campers and hunters etc.


My miners wright in WA let’s me cover half the state god help you if your cought 100 meters outside a registered fossicking area in nz
Also south of auckland has been turned into a giant onion farm with top soil sediment clogging streams seems one rule for some an another for others onions in dairy and mining out!!

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did you end up doing it lammerlaw and why did you choose Winston as the recipient. where you planning to send an actual letter or an email letter. seriously thinking of writing myself but not sure who would give best if any response.

No not yet - I wrote regarding a more urgent topic - the rights of firearm owners and the reply tells me how interested the government are in honest, law abiding patriotic New Zealanders.
Only today I was discussing the mining issue and trying to interest firearm lobbyists to go public via the media to expose the governments attacks on society by persecuting minority groups and with an emphasis on firearm owners and miners

Its been a sad state of affairs & it mostly started with the current govt . actually Mr Lammerlaw I clearly remember having a wee online debate with you over the “no more mines on doc land” and now you are seeing it all over again in the firearms community a whole bunch of gun owners didn’t give a toss about the lot that owned semi auto,s the deer stalkers could be an example but then as things progressed now they are starting to realise everyone will be affected , much like the mining …even us little fella,s have copt it…everyone needs to stick together big or small.


it is time we opened our eyes . first they take our guns. then all our mining rights. kill of out wild animals with 1080 . (so we don’t need guns anyway) force electric cars on us . its all about control by the big boys. give it a few years and you young ones wont be able to do a thing without getting permission .
you will all die because you wont be able to get your own meat they have killed all your animals and now you have no way of killing them. your guns are gone anyway how are you going to get there they will turn the power of and you will all be stuck at home. cant go out and dig for gold they have taken that right of you as well. so no black market money.
all our rights are slowly slipping away , I even had trouble the other day getting a trapping permit for possums. doc would rather drop 1080.
I can hear you say we will stand up and make them take notice of us. HOW? how are you going to do that . you now are hungry. with no weapons, no money, and no transport
this is the tip of the iceburg. take note before its to late.

They have been given a reason to regulate, gun ownership has been cost neutral, they now have the chance to treat it like fuel so bad, smokes shocking, must tax that beer , oh and semi automatics well now 1080 is in the high country no need for those things as the export wild meat industry cannot get toxic free status for its meat and even if they did you would have to be a pretty mean shot with a bolt action out of a chopper

I used to chopper shot but that was with a lever action.
talking of taxes a mate of mine told me on the fishing boat there was a total of 60% of taxes paid, or money to the government in one form or another.
by the way you left off gst on everything

Yes it has raised fierce debate in our circle of friends,many people just don’t see it…yet.
The fact that this gun law reform will only force law abiding gun owners to surrender their semi’s where’s drug dealers and gangs will choose to keep theirs.
Law abiding gun owners who choose not to surrender their semi’s (I imagine there are a far few!) will now be forced to break the law.
It’s illegal to enter a Doc area with a small calibre rifle (.22’s etc)to help eradicate pests such as possums,rats and stoats because the govt assumes we are all idiots and will end up killing native birds…but then goes and drops 1080 in the forest which kills everything anyway!!
Councils fine small time mining operations $10,000’s for accidentally releasing 5 mtrs/sqr of sediment into a fast flowing river then a week later after heavy rains mother nature naturally releases 1,000,000 mtrs/sqr of sed into the same river.
When is there going to be political party that concentrates on practical long term solutions for our country instead of feel good do nothing policies from desk warriors that clamp down on the little man.


Mal for prime minister…

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…well actually Gav I think I would like to move to the south Island…declare it’s independence from the north Island and I could become president…lol.
While I’m on my high horse (it takes a while to dismount as I have done in my achillies) the greenies are trying hard to eliminate our local oil and gas industry in an attempt to lessen our effects on global warming…and I agree we need to move away from our reliance on fossil fuels and transition onto electricity once battery technology has caught up.
I believe for NZ this means modernizing our existing hydro dam facilities(new generation power generators) and in some areas building new ones along with an upgraded power grid network.
However the main stumbling block to this idea is the same greenie activitist groups opposing any new hydro development!! So basically the green movement is in fact actually one of our biggest adversaries to making this transition…go figure…ya can’t have your cake and eat it tree huggers!!
Instead the govt has decided to fire up all the coal generators at huntly power station using imported dirty cheap coal from Argentina producing massive amounts of CO2…sorry I just don"t get it!!!

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  1. The miners, gun owners, outdoor recreationists (new word?) should all band together and formulate a good presentation and buy newspaper space to inform the public of the criminal actions of the Government who by now are obviously serving a master other than the people of New Zealand. Vote for who ever you like - they are all together subservient to, I believe, the bankers
    We have been led into insolvency by the government - pay back time began when State owned assets, the property of the PEOPLE, were sold, the public banned from mining in their own country and now of course the firearm fiasco.
    The government had the legislation all ready to go but needed a crisis to sway the public against firearms and their owners
    A crisis meant that people had to suffer
    The government GOT their crisis and people DID suffer
    The sheep in an emotive show of sympathy swallowed the governments plan hook line and sinker and supported the governments legislation
    The Government ban naming the murderer so that ALL FIREARM OWNERS CAN BE BLAMED
    I wrote to the Prime Minister and Winston Peters, both of whom I respected AND voted for to suggest minor modification to the firearm laws - they take no notice
    I wrote to the Prime Minister and Winston Peters and suggest draconian penalties for firearm related crimes - they are not interested - WHY?
    The answer is because they WANT firearm crimes to persecute honest law abiding firearm owners and remove ALL firearms
    What is next?

  2. The government are spreading 1080 like it went out of fashion. WHY? - To kill ALL four legged non domesticated animals in the wold
    WHY? - to destroy an alternative food source
    to destroy all wild animals so there is nothing to hunt and then they can take your hunting rifles!

  3. Why would the government do this? My feeling is that their masters are going to order them to annex all fee simple properties when the time is right - your property and mine, into State Ownership (that is the ownership of the receivers - the bankers who loaned us money in the first place under a Fractional Reserve Banking system) - and we will have to pay a rent to live in our own homes. Oh your property is total freehold your telling me - go look at the title - it says fee simple which is freehold BUT…!

THAT is my opinion as to why the government WANT firearm crimes and want to take all firearms!

I am a totally loyal patriotic New Zealander and everything must be done legally and in my opinion all those in the Police and Armed Forces who swore allegiance to the FLAG and COUNTRY must realise that the government serve neither the flag (remember they tried to change it thus shitting on all Police and Armed Forces who gave their lives for this country) nor the people, nor the country and those politicians involved need to be brought to justice and a peoples government who cannot be manipulated by the bankers put in power.

A new political party who cannot be corrupted needs to be formed to bring this country back to sanity. My two new books will be ‘Coasts of Treachery’ (After James Cowans book of the same name) and ‘The Betrayal of a Nation’

Just my thoughts.


agenda 21. total control of the people to enable depopulation without much resistance. our govt signed us up for this 20odd years ago and is currenty playing out.

in regards to gun control jacinda is sucking up to un big time as thats her ambitions and disarming a population would look good on here CV, The new laws are in no way labour partys ideas theyve simply enacted a good chunk of MOSAIC which is the UNs guide to disarmament and gun control. Gun law changes have come via global influence through our weak and gullable politicians who had a good unopposed oportunity to enact it mostly for jacinda to line up her career after nz politics

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indeed true but most here do not know of agenda 21 and I do not know what is stated init but I sure in hell know what I have seen over 60 and more years. As for UN - run by the Rothschilds.

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Proposed New Zealand law says owning guns is not a right

The government has launched a buyback scheme.

this will not stop till all our guns are gone.

That is true and most poor bloody cops do not realise that they are their own worst enemies for following the directives of a government who I am beginning to believe is well and truly guilty of treason

Councils fine small time mining operations 10k?. I have a small coal mine above my claim & the dirty bastards release their dams into my creek. Turns the water dark grey & coats the creekbed in crap.
I’d close the pricks down. A flood is natural. That coal sludge aint.