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A morning in the life of a detectorist

I don’t know what I’ve started :books:

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Nice did you ever pick up any nz rail memorabilia?

I have a standard NZRailways cap badge and also a Stationmasters Bell stamped NZD with a broad arrow.

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Managed to drag a few out with these real low tides. Four stirling and a couple of junkers.
Happy chappy
Good luck out there.


Nice haul, love those rings

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4am start this morning and scored a 9 ct 5.6 grammar of Au plus a couple of junkers and musket balls etc.
Been a few months since I hit a gold so quite happy. :blush: My total gold rings now sit at 95 so one a misson to get that 100.
Happy hunting out there.


Bloody awesome!
What’s going on with all the musket balls? Are they mostly in the ocean? Target practice?

There’s another. 9 ct x 8.09 grams. Love these low tides.
Not quite sure Salcrete but the musketballs and bullets come in on certain tide and conditions. There was a old target range about 5 km away so they may have rolled from there over the last 150 years or so. I have managed to get well over 300 musketballs now.


Just putting this out there for us Minelab owners. Worth being aware of.

Problems with Minelab Detectors Setting off PLBs (Personal Locator Beacons)

This is not a good situation, a Letter from Minelab says that in some circumstances Minelab Detectors can trigger or set off EPIRBS or PLBS “Personal Locator Beacons”.

"There have been some reports of customers having EPIRBs and PLBs activating when they have come into close contact with a metal detector coil when the detector is switched on.

We would like to reach out to you all so that you are aware of this so that you can also educate our customers with this information to help prevent any unnecessary activation of EPIRBs or PLBs.

Our engineering team have loaned detectors to Kinetic Technology International and they have researched the affects of the KTI PLB and our detector, the PLB was activated when it came within 10cm of the detector coil.

Although this distance is very close we would like to make sure than any customers using EPIRBs or PLBs are aware of this so that they can keep their location beacons well away from the detector coil to prevent any false activations. Please keep this in mind particularly when a target has been removed from the hole and you are finding it with a scoop (you are physically much closer to the coil when this takes place.)

KTI have suggested to use a metal tin to carry your EPRIB or PLB in to help prevent this from happening. A metal tin will work as a faraday cage (faraday cages will break the electromagnetic fields that your detector produces.)

We agree that this is a good suggestion as it can assist in greatly reducing the risk of a false activation.

If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Jason HoskingTechnical Sales Representative

Minelab Electronics"

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That’s not good. Is there some sort of irony when search and rescue turn up to your city backyard when you are looking for grannies lost ring in the garden.

ok, thanks for the info, FYI the wifie knows my location at all times.

Back on the horse and managed a small 9 caret 3.5gms, sterling and junker. It still adds to the count.
HH and a happy New Year to you all.


Back on it MB nice one :+1:

First gold of the year. 9 carat plus a couple of sterling.