A morning in the life of a detectorist

3.30 am and I’m on the beach swinging this morning, few coins etc. Then at 5.05am I witnessed a ram raid within 100m of me, 4WD crashing through shop. Race to my mobile phone in car and report in as said vehicle go past me within 4 metres. Carried on detecting - more coins. Cops turn up and hour later, take statement. (Hey you are eating into my tide and detecting time) Back detecting. Now home for breakfast.
I wonder what rest of the day will bring.



What a great day - excitement and the unexpected. Hope you got the cars number and all details - I have a pet aversion to scum suckers, thieves, opportunists, arseholes (thats because I am NOT a bay Boi) and other nasty bathplugs who steal and bring harm to others. Hope the Gestapo, oops Police get him.
As for being up at 3.30 - thats a bit beyond me now - not even on Duck Shooting morning. I even suspect that if I was woken up at that time because the house was on fire I would tell them to bugger off and leave me on the grounds that I was 1) Too lazy and 2) It would save cremation costs!
I hope that as a reward for the early starts to your escapades you get plenty of goodies, treasures and worth while objects.

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Thanks Lammerlaw
I have been known to find the odd thing or two - Do you need any false teeth?

I just work on the early bird thing. Have I got the metal detecting illness? the missus say yes, I say Nooooo.


False teeth - hell yeah - Im a gummy Bare!

Great finds you can start a Jewellery shop and a reloading supplies supplier for shooters.

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A very nice stash you,ve got there MB. Awesome

You with love this LL. Just got a call from a lady to help her find her false teeth. She’s in one place and the teeth are 20km away in the bush. Apparently there is metal in them. Not sure I’m looking forward to this.



Metal has to mean Mercury Amalgam fillings or GOLD. She might be related to me if she has false teeth that means shes a gummy bear just like me!
I hope the reward is worth it - by finds, 1) coins, lost treasure, keys, medals, ancient cannon balls, gun parts and more false teeth 2) a cash reward or 30 a ‘suitable’ reward at the end of the search providing she is young, good looking and not past the use by date - in which case maybe any false teeth will do.

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If she’s got false teeth I don’t like her chances (or mine) however old she is.

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No imagination - thats your problem! (joke) I always wanted to meet a woman with no teeth but was never that lucky!


We are out of luck LL. She has found someone a bit closer to do the job (thank God) Saves me a 3 hour return drive.

So I guess I’m back to chasing Bruces lost 300 sovereigns and the Proprietor “not quite seventy ounces” of gold buried away shortly before his death.

So if you see someone with their head just peaking over the top of a deep hole - could be me.

Hell I’m starting to sound like the motto on the old Stanley pub at Macraes Flat "While I Live, I’ll Crow"
Think I better disappear for a while.


A good story about Stanley and Griffin - they hates each other - one kept a stock whip under the bar I think and the other a loaded pistol. My old man has two bottles of original unopened 19th Century Brandy from the old Stanley Hotel. I went to the auction sale with him and my grand father when his daughters sold up - even the spittoons were still on the floor!

Hope you find Bruces lost sovereigns and the nearly seventy ounces of gold.

My great grand father buried what may well be New Zealands greatest treasure - ten thousand pounds all in Gold coins - that is a few million in gold content. I know roughly where but cant be bothered as the landscape will have changed dramatically in over 150 years since he died…

Happy to Help. Solved a 151 year old one recently. Not worth a lot but still very interesting.
Mums the word.


I have the gear but not the inclination and am very much a loner although I do have a partnership in the form of my son and 9oznuggetman who accompanies me a lot but thanks.

I know how you feel.
Good luck

More details please?

Hell this bets chasing false teeth. 2 hour in the rain the PM - 9ct + a junker. Love these low tides


Hell GP - more info on what? Ram Raids , False Teeth, Coins, Rings or Legends. Already had the cops around again today getting more statement. Afraid I’m going into information overload.
What I would give for a quite life.

Or with a gap in the front…he. He

What phones have you got there? Are they a stock item or custom job? Waterproof?

Looking to replace my tired cans on the ATP (I hate the Garrets)


Hi Kate

My favourite ones are the Gog headphones made by Gordon Heritage in the UK (made by metal detectorist for metal detectorist). I got mine from Detectorbits but not sure they still have them. I think Gordon only make so many a year. (Goggle them) They cost me around NZ$200 at my door. They have a volume control as well. Very comfortable and you can hear a worm fart. You can wear them all day no trouble. Rainproof but not for wearing underwater.

For underwater I use Detectorpro Grey Ghost Under Water Headphones. But mine have a special fitting to
fit my Minelab CTX3030. Good phones.

On my Excalibur I just use the stock standard underwater phone as they are directly wired to the machine.
They work fine.

Just remember though that some people get carried away with headphones, thinking they make the difference between finding and not finding. This is not generally the case.

Gary Drayton in Miami told me if you really want the Rolls Royce got to “Black Widow” also made by Detectorpro. - “Once you go black, you don’t go back” Do not get them wet. Gary uses them on his deep Spanish hunts. Hey if anyone in member have got a set I would love some feedback

Kate, I’m sure there are a lot of other good ones of there so do some research. Look at other overseas forums - plenty of info out there.

Hope this may help and good luck.