6 inch dredge wanted

Looking to buy a 6 inch or 5 inch dredge prefer proline but will go for a Keene also interested in any parts such as 6 inch suction hose.

Hi call Ron Clark 03 5403963.

Got a 5 inch home built…021766968

@waipori12 have you seen this one - Claims and dredges for sale

My friend just bought his 4 inch and it was in incredibly good condition and well maintained. The 6 inch is even newer. This guy looks after his gear.

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There are a few on trademe.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi folks thanks so much for your responses Ive been abit busy and out of contact but have started to build my own now Thanks once again for your response regards Rusty

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You after any parts? I have pontoons/pumps/6” dual Venturi/ foot valves ect

Gidday gav. Have you still got parts?