Claims and dredges for sale

Life’s taking a different direction, am keen to know if there’s interest out there: for sale MP57032 Mungo River, MP53397 Waitaha River, Keene 4 inch ultra dredge, Keene 6 inch 3 stage dredge (both excluding air lines/tank). No sugar coating - these permits are in remote and difficult country - negotiated prices would reflect that. Not available for tribute mining, or swaps. DOC access arrangements in place. I can email you detailed information, just send me a personal message.


Some sweet looking spots in some remote places good luck with the sale mate

Cheers shootguts, wild country … hot pools, the odd deer too


The 4 inch Keene has sold


You still got the claim for sale
Send me a text 0211624238

hey mate if the claim is still for sale could you please send me a personal message. I cant figure out how to send them

Hi do you still have the 6" available?

Sorry, 6 isn’t available, all the best tracking one down. Cheers