54grams in a clean up last month

here i show some photos of gold i found recently p.s no poaching has been invovled clean honest gold


Beautiful stuff, takes my breath away… :crazy_face:

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Nice? Did you get onto cardrona?

yea i did with many thanks to you gav i went yesterday for the first time and found gold in a very small part of the river or creek it seems lovely wee hole where the river slows and valley floor starts to flatten a little only big enough for a 2" to get in there so i hope to start dredging it next few days… i got consent from claim owner so very happy with that as i am new to dredging and keen to learn as much as i can i will keep you posted and show you via photos of how i get on…hey many thanks again gav as i would not have this opportunity if it was not for you and your much appreciated help big thanks mate and kind regards danno


I’ve got a battery powered hookah pump if you ever get down deeper and snorkel isn’t good enough. I’m thinking of selling it as I do t have dredge at the moment!
Just out of curiosity did I meet you down the shotover river a few months ago when I was walking my dog?

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Hi Gav
Do you have any photos of your hookah set up

hi gav yes i think we did meet…classic…iwould be very keen on buying your hookah set up if you want to sell it

there is a spot in cardrona that is a bit to deep for snokel and i have been asking a few people about the hookah setup and how easy is it to use so even if you dont want to sell it i would love to give it a go to see how it is maybe you want to come along one day soon?

Just needs a low pressure regulator, I used it for sniping underneath waterfalls it worked out fantastic for me, nice lightweight


Interesting looking set up. How long does it last before the battery runs out?

What were you wanting for it?

Cheers Myles

I think that’s a 19ah battery I’ve never charged it yet? Maybe used the setup 5 or so times, longest run maybe 4 hours! So all up it’s been run 12 or so hours

I’d have to go back and find out what the pump cost though

Hi danno. Is your gold from the claim for sale on trademe? Thats fine gold for a month of hobby mining adventures! Are a number of hobby miners looking to buy into that claim?

no its not from that claim

let me know also gav as i would be very interested i only have a snorkel

i dont think any hobby miners are buying into that claim and so far i have found only one small spec of gold from there but i hav consent to use my small dredge which i intend too as i found what looks like a nice spot to have a look in and to get consent is not cheap

does anyone out there that highbanks and gets flat rocks falling through grizzly bars and start to build up under rubber flap? any ideas

This highbanker is one I made. I didn’t use grizzly bars but 10mm punch plate. No dramas. Adjustable legs & hopper angle.

Banjo jetting pipe fitted

Banjo jetting pipe front

Folds up nice & compact & fits into my back pack.
Banjo Transportable

Can even run a 2" suction nozzle hose through it.

Wasn’t a bad afternoon.16 grams for washing out rotten schist bedrock.

A good piece of kit & multi functional.

Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


I run exactly the same stuff on my dredge got less clogging with it to.


looks nice man good job yea was thinking of putting maybe something like that over the grizzly bars thanks man and good work

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Looks a nice we set up all the best.

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