54grams in a clean up last month

yep nice one my highbanker is alot bigger and i now run a second a52 beloow as extension and have eliminated the flat rocks issue …highbanking is and requires skill and experience i initualy thought highbanking was pretty simple set it up with the right pitch and water flow and away you go but the more i have got into it the more i start to really understand how its all working in different areas and gravels pitch …flow holding the gravels in the wash box till they are 99.9% clean not under feeding not over feeding its a very cool way to recover gold i love it and have found yhat there is alot more to highbanking than meets the eye i can now say after many days and hours of mistakes the hard way that i slowly become a gold miner…now i want to combine dredging …sniping…detecting…just love gaining skill and experience in as many aspects of gold recovery as i can…


Yes. I also have different size & spaced riffle ladders depending on the material & what gold size. Sometimes just a large type expanded mesh as riffles. Like in this photo
Banjo mesh riffles

Which helped with a more gentle water flow to catch very fine gold. It allowed the bigger stones to tumble on down & out without them getting caught up behind a higher riffle, that would have needed a stronger water flow to push them on & also washing out the finer gold. These were the riffles that helped catch this fine gold in the Coromandel that was lost in the tailings from a stamper battery operation. .
Banjo Gold

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