45south mining GOLD

Hi all fellow diggers, does anyone know who is behind 45 SOUTH MINING

Hi Garry, go to companies office website and searching the magnifying glass icon. It’l tell you what you’re after

thank you, i will try today


Looks like they’re proposed a permit up the little kyeburn. Long way up.

the trouble here that it overlaps another existing claim, and will be interesting to see how pams handles this appication

Garry, I don’t see any overlap or any potential issue, especially given the adjacent permit is only an EP. The permit is clearly confined to the riverbed. Is the EP an interest of yours?

It looks like the mining permit application for 60566 was submitted first, then the exploration permit application for 60568 submitted a few days later.

From the maps it seems NZPAM has excluded the mining permit area from the shape of the later exploration permit, removing the overlap issue.

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plus the existing permit 60558 that was originaly Allan Dunfords claim wich Kevin brought before allan passed away

Without checking the permit map I think you will find that Allan’s claim is/was on the main Kyeburn river from below the Dansey Pass pub to a fair way above it. Not on the Little Kyeburn river that drains off Mount Kyeburn, diggers peak & Mount Buster. If you drive up to the buster diggings you follow the Little Kyeburn for a wee way. Allan looked at getting a claim on the little kyeburn, but the powers to be made it too difficult for him not allowing him to cut a small track in towards the creek in a couple of places so he could get his dredge in there. The top end of the Little Kyeburn is steep country. At the time there was a digger & screen operation on the lower, flatter area of the Little Kyeburn which I think went as far as the old Kokonga “Gangers” hut that was located there as a farm shed/hut from Kokonga on the Rail Trail. From that point on is where the Little Kyeburn starts getting steep & gorgy as it flows down from the hills. I went for a walk up the steep areas & came across a thin coal seam. I took my detector but it was more a recconoscience looking for bed rock in the creek for easier detecting but didnt come across any. It was a tough walk. I will try to find some photos I have of the area. Cheers.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi KW, if you check both appications you will see the overlap on the main kyeburn river.45south overlap on kevins claim. I have spoken to Pams and got a case no to look into the promblem,plus the reserve area

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Hi Garry, I was just making mention about Allan Dunford’s claim as I thought this post was on permit area up the top end of the Little Kyeburn & not the Main Kyeburn River. Which Allan got when he couldn’t get an agreement on the Little Kyeburn, which is what he really wanted. I looked at buying Allans Dredge & main Kyeburn River claim prior to him passing away. He was a very good friend of mine. I have a picture of him right beside my computer here, with him looking up smiling at me while he is sitting on a large rock in the Main Kyeburn river panning off the concentrates after a dredging session we shared on the river just above the pub by the German Creek confluence. It was one of his favourite spots as gold would redeposit after a flood. We got 6 grams for a few hours of easy dredging. Although it wasn’t that easy getting his dredge down there or back up. I miss Allan. He was a good bugger & one of lives gentlemen. My last good memory of him was when he found a 4 gram nugget when I took him to one of my detecting spots. I was so happy for him & I treasure that moment as he was struggling at that time with his illness & it ended up being the last time I spoke to him. When he left to drive back home I gave him a man hug & said “See you next time”. Next time was the day before he passed away & he wasn’t coherent. Very upsetting.



Unfortunately “Allans Claim” is no longer, and is under application with 45 South as an extension to an existing application which runs up the little Kyeburn and German creek ect as well . My research tells me they are a consortium including Chris Pritchard and Corey McEachen (https://opencorporates.com/companies/nz/7356276). Unfortunately there was a mistake made in the reapplication process which resulted in it becoming available and 45 South swooped in at the opportune moment - even though my friend Kev (who Allan sold to) had lodged a reclaim before them, it was simply a case of a misdirected email that wasn’t seen. NZPAM were very apologetic to Kev but were bound by their own processes and protocol and couldn’t redress after the fact was noted. Kev was also good friends with Allan, who he considered his mentor as well as friend. He’s pretty gutted to have lost “Allans claim” as he often referred to it, mostly for the sentimental value and the hope that he could carry the claim on knowing its history, but Allans dredge is still going strong and Kev cherishes the memories that brings.

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I wrote to Kev a couple years ago then went and meet him he gave me permission to pan on his claim on the keyburn . Life got in the way and I never got to the claim . Sad to hear he is not there any more and I wish Kev well in the future

As one of the new owners of the Kyeburn claim on this river I want to thank everyone that contacted me and actually asked for permission you know who you are. I wont dwell on some of the others that made contact and didn’t show the best sportsmanship.

Lets be really clear on a couple of things-

    • The area of German creek campsite is not a public fossilizing area- Never has
    • I fundamentally dont have an issue with people panning and sluicing, sniping on my claim as long as they ask permission.
    • There is to be absolutely NO motorized gear including high bankers and dredges anywhere on this claim.
    • Metal detecting -The muppets who have left areas of the claim looking like a bad case of genital warts have spoilt it for anyone else thinking of detecting- Its also a NO

I fundamentally dont have an issue with pan and sluice box, with mum, dad and the kids etc. Hell we all started somewhere but like anything the claim needs to be treated with respect which including private property boundaries.


45 South Mining


Hi prich385 my name us david hibberd I am going to be going on an over night camp up at the danseys pass free camp site and was wondering if myself and 1 other would be able to have a pan in the creek by the camp ground if that would be allowed and what would we need to do regarding conditions on panning there if you could get back to me by email that would be great my email is dave2538@gmail.com

Many thanks david hibberd

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Hi Dave
Thanks for getting in contact. Sure thing go for it! All I would ask is you respect private land boundaries which is the area above the camping ground on German creek and also the little Kyeburn below the railway hut to keep away from please.

Happy for you to pan and sluice but no motorized gear.

Let me know how you go and good luck




Thank you very much for that I sure will

Hi prich385,
I travel through the pass a couple of times a year and would love to have a fossick in around the riverbed on your claim if you are happy for me to do so. I have a sluice and pan and shovels no motorised gear.
Happy to provide you with my contact details but not on this forum.

Nice one Prich, I admire your generosity. Your “rules” are all prospectors want, to get out there and do it. Not here to find our retirement funds, we just want to see that little flash of colour in the pan while enjoying nz’s backyard. Well done mate.