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Back out on the river

Interesting find this morning would love it to be a sword hanger hope one of you can ID for me


I don’t think you’re too far off the mark with a sword hanger, could be for a pistol?

On second thoughts and after a quick Grooble, I’m going to agree with sword hanger… Jammy bugger.

Thanks same spot that I found the powder flask… Could be connected

Connected - possibly literally. I was thinking it was the sort of thing that would have come from there. Good stuff.

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Can you tell what is inscribed on the front or is it just a mark

What a great find there Chris. Lucky bugger.

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The four lines seem to be inscribed but the roundish part just a blemish

Had a bit of a poke around the river on the low hoping for a couple of farthings🙄 only good find was the snake buckle (2nd for me) I found the piece that attached to the belt first and gave the hole a sweep before backfilling and got a faint beep the snake was probably another 150mm deeper


Onya… I spent three hours vainly hunting the sanded spots up here for a toy fire engine…and that’s it. Planning on a marathon session on Butt Flat on the midnight tide tonight

Funny I’ve been thinking about that spot… With the full moon you should fit in with the rest of the people walking backwards and forwards steering at the ground :rofl:

You mean the dudes picking fights with the lamp posts and shouting at no-one in particular…:laughing: Gawd, I love endemic nightlife.

Gosh that snake is good nick.

that has to be the best snake ive ever seen.iam guessing from the 60s.ahhh mini skirts…just had a flash black…

Might be an officers buckle. Looks like it is brass. The one I have is less ornate and probably muck metal.

Standard snake belt buckle. Inferior ones could be from boys belts or more commercial belts. The Military ones were brass.

One of those mornings, drive for an hour only to get caught in a downpour 500mtr from the ute and to top it off not a farthing to be seen


Looks like you have found a spot frequented by fishermen and electricians. :slight_smile:

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Dems da breaks - a bit like me just come back from an auction and bid on the wrong lot and now got several boards with blasted kiddie type badges to give away!


Shame you didn’t pick the rest of the purse.
I loathe net weights. Once you find one you are usually in for a bunch of 'em…

I’ve been watching the mud larking vids on you tube all afternoon and it’s " oh another clay pipe" “oh a George 3 shilling how wonderful” all eyeball finds