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Back out on the river


Yer, I worked that patch for a fair few hours on the big tides last month, just downstm from the boat ramp at Browns Bay has been good recently.


The old saying when the flags up at red beach go to browns bay


5 seconds of OMG to hang on it’s only costume :disappointed:111 yr old sixpence was nice as was the half penny


Your 'razor knife is an 1900s cigar cutter. Very very nice find. The one one i linked to may not be exactly the same but you get the idea.


Cheers for the pics from memory they where basically a give away when you purchased one of products


Always like finding lumps of coal in the river as brought the early settlers to the area managed a few coins 1951 half being the oldest

one of the things you don’t want to stand on


the old eagle ray,good fighting fish,seen them in oz clear the water by three feet landing flat with a splat.


Don’t call them Mud Marlin for nothing. Used to have a ball targetting these guys.


I cleared the water by 3 inches which is a new record for me came out of the murk from a sinker I was digging :joy:


possibly my oldest coin please correct me if wrong but with Britannia facing left all I can find is 1806-1808 shame it’s pretty rotten


1806 or 1807 George 3 according to Krause. Good shootin’

Always bittersweet when you dig something this old, but in such poor condition. Never mind, it’ll be the placeholder until you get a better one :wink:


Well done Chris. Looks like the same age and worn as Lammerlaw. :grinning:


Yea it was below the black stuff in a pocket of shell and white ooze…coin wise very quiet today alot of lead I was a fair way off a electric fence but the X was picking it up drove me nuts


first bust vicky 1840s copper.


Not with a left facing Britannia though?


Pretty cool and no doubt dropped by Ahab the Whaler during a drunken spree.
Imagine the stories it could tell.
Well I collect British coins and have the catalogues… and yet I had never noticed Britannia facing left.
Reminds me that when I was at school I bought an 1819 British Crown from another pupil - it cost me the princely sum of 8 pence which is about 8 cents. Still have it all these years later.
Great find Chris…I see a sovereign in your future so we are all looking forward to seeing it.
You have inspired me…I am thinking of going to Hahei for Easter so might take my second best friend…Equinox - if I can fit it into baggage.


definitely mad george 111 1806 half penny.


Or is it the 2nd 1808 known to exist :sunglasses:


Last 2 tides… 51 florin the oldest had me old mate the door nob show up ,pulled a ring which promptly broke after scratching the crud off ,the penny was super deep and worn was hoping for a Vickie but back at the ute and a wipe bloody Liz appears oh well


at least theirs a few coins to show for your efforts.