XP ORX doing my head in

Ok I purchased what I thought was the best thing I could afford for my trip down south the new XP ORX wireless and all that good tech.
So in shallow water it throws silent 99% iron readings
Over 2g of gold it says 90% iron
On corrugated fence it says 40% iron
In the back yard it goes tropical if went of the readings I would be buying a digger and tromial only thing is I’m in the waikato
Any thoughts would be welcome

If its gold down south you want then sell it quick and get yourself a Gold monster.

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Just googled it. Sadly cannot find any reviews. With the high frequencies for gold it should do the trick. I see it is not waterproof. I see you mention testing in shallow water. You didnt submerge it did you. Maybe you got a faulty one, If so then back to the seller under warrenty. Thats all I can think off.

Cheers Trev

Is it cell phone interference? Just a thought.

Had the choice mad the incorrect one waste of two weeks driving down south and many kms bush crashing

where are you at with it now? did you sell it?
did you have the underwater kit on it?

Hi yeh I still have it , they are waterproof for the first foot as the sender unit is in the top of the first shaft that was the main reason I purchased it as the coil is sealed so it’s good in the water for one to two feet not sure if it was me or the unit but through huge amounts of false signals but after talking the gold shop in arrowtown I realized we have huge amounts of mineralized rocks in the south that was probably the issue I did find lots of stuff just not gold!!

I have heard similar reports about the equinox 800, readout doesn’t make any logical sense.

Just block out -9,-8,-7 and 13 on the Equinox and it’s pretty smooth sailing in the hot rocks compared to other VLF’s. You may get a bit of overlap requiring you to block out 12 and 14 or similar. Any discrimination has it’s risks of blocking out good targets so I tend to leave them wide open and just ignore them mentally focusing on the other numbers. The Arrow river area is hell on any VLF with so much black sand.