X-Terra705 Instruction Manual...Help!

Bought it yesterday, our first detector, and have had a crack in the back-yard playing around with it but struggling to understand the operating instructions. It seems complicated to figure. I may be thick but then hubby must be too cause he’s baffled as well. Anyone else struggle at first?

I have just downloaded the manual, and I’d suggest starting on Program 1. See how you go. Once you have a ‘feel’ of what you’re hearing/seeing you can start to adapt it to your needs.

Allow a minimum of 10Hrs (seriously) of focused practice before you put it away in the back of the wardrobe or on TradeMe.
You’ve bought a good machine, so it’ll be like learning to ride a bike without going through the training wheels stage.

Some think you should avoid auto settings from the get-go. I recommend starting in auto but make an effort to move away from any ‘auto’ settings as soon as you can.

Look forward to seeing what you pull up, trash included - we’ve all been there.


Thank you so much for the advice mudwiggle. We will perservere for sure. I’ve waited too long to get my hands on one, I refuse to let it beat me…lol Will definitely post pics if we find anything other than bottle caps!!

Never read a manual in my life BUT I have experimented - take an assortment of different metal objects - pull tabs, grannys gold ring, silver coin, copper coin, washer and so on and also different sizes of each metal where possible and discover for yourself the best settings, the different tones. Do this until you can understand the readings and features of your machine.
Many others might have different advice but I have an old clay crock full of pennies and half pennies and other ‘worthless’ coins and other shit and also bank bags full of other worthwhile things, rings, modern spendables and silver coins, gold and silver brooches etc to prove that my method of discovering by experimenting DOES work.
I hate manuals - I think it would be easier to pilot a Jumbo Jet than learn the manual - but then I do have ADHD!

Thanks lammerlaw. We did the tests for the different sounds with various metals. I guess understanding the digital side of it will come with time. I just watched a guy on youtube go through the initial set-up but I lost him halfway through as he was jumping from one button to another too fast for my old brain. So at the moment its still clear as mud.

For digital instruction manual: StackPath

The X-Terra 705 is an excellent machine once you learn how to use it properly. I always hunt in the “all metal” mode, without any discrimination. This way you won’t miss anything. Dig on everything with a clear signal and positive numbers. Low numbers (4 - 12) usually indicates aluminum foil etc, but small gold rings sometimes turn up in the same range. Iron will turn up with negative numbers (-2 - -8) and a dark signal, I never bother to dig these…

Good luck! :grinning:

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mite be something on you tube

Thanks for that goldberg. Will do that and just figure out the thing as we go along.

My suggestion is just go out and swing. Dig what you find and it will all start to make sense as you will understand better what the manual is on about. If a target has a strong signal in both directions and at 90 degrees it’s worth a dig. You will soon learn what numbers relate to bottle tops etc. Have fun and good luck.


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Exactly - the manner in which I learnt and I find my share and by trial and error know what to dig and what not to dig.

Thanks to you all for that good advice. Will just play around with it until we figure it out.:+1:

Hi, I live in chch. I have x terra 705 detector. Haven’t used in quite a while been out of action. I belong to the female species. Happy to meet up but as you u say, where does one go, a lot of folk go at night. Not my scene unless with a crowd. Snowdrop. (Aka Helen)

Hi Snowdrop.
Did you see this.


Yes chris I have the manual. Snowdrop

oops I should have read the other posts. :slight_smile: