X-Terra 705..Can't figure it out..CHCH

Hi everyone. I bought the X-Terra last year and have had limited success with it as I can’t figure out how the digi panel. Ive watched several instruction videos on Youtube by different ones but they all seem to have a different way of going about it. I tried it out in backyard again today on All Metal and the numbers were jumping all over the place and it was constantly beeping. Anyone know of a simple way to explain it to me please? I’m starting to doubt my sanity…and ready to deep six it lol Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi. Have you tried resetting the factory default settings as the x-terra keeps any setting changes made when switched off. Pg 46 of the manual. Is it working ok in discrimination mode?

Hi. Ive been through the manual but mine appears to be written in Arabic lol.
Someone is meeting me to lend a hand so Im hoping I’ll get it sorted. Thanks so much for your comment.

Cheers. Manual is available online if you want a copy. Handy to have for reference.

My manual actually is in English… Just reads like Arabic to me lol

If you still need help, don’t hesitate and stop by but please give me a call first.
www.minelabdetectors.co.nz - www.dredgenz.co.nz

Thank you so much for your offer. I will keep that in mind😊