Ww2 German cross

I was around at a mates place today he served in ww2… Yip he’s pretty old he had a lot of stuff on his wall even a river plate plaque
Navy man I take him for a fish every now an then cause he loves the water but he’s getting a bit crook now… But getting back to his wall this one caught my eye it’s the real deal anyone now German


I love it - lm jellyarse.
It’s a cracker. On the suspension ring it should be marked with the silver mark.
The bag will read
Iron Cross
Second Class


I forgot to say that the words will read

The last four figures are German for 1939!!!

Tell him l want to buy it!

I am in charge of the memorabilia at one of NZs last really active RSAs and it would look great on the wall. We only have one and it’s in a display case with a lot of other material. One standing alone with bag it came in would be great.

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And I have a bit of War Memorabilia. A 1914 Princess Mary Brass box.As given out to WW1 Soldiers. My Grandfather fought in Gallipoli amongst other places. The box was gifted to me on his death. Also contains several of his brass tunic buttons. His colours. Also an Italian Soldiers Hat Badge from WW2. Which was acquired by his son, My Uncle. Whom fought in Italy and was at the battle of Monte Casino.

When I was a younger, a lot younger used to spend xmas holidays at Dunedin with Nana and Grandad. Grandad never spoke about the war. He was wounded several times. But Uncle Cyril had a kit bag with his war stuff in it. Lots of goodies. Even a piece of gold gilt from the ceiling of the Monte Casino Monastery. He used to enthrawl me with his stories. Esp the one about how he had taken a high ranking german prisoner, and the german was SS, and had a gold and jewel encrusted dagger. Which my Uncle relieved him off. He used to tell me how the jewels sparkled in the light. But alas on the way home on the troopship it was stolen. I used to dream of that dagger. One day when I was older, he fessed up. He had just made the story up to keep me enthralled. So no more dagger in my dreams. Bugga.

Cheers Trev aka “The Hatter”


My family were professional pillagers during the war. These are just some of the Italian WWII medals and souvenirs that two uncles brought back. Dad got some as well but arentvamongst these ones. The Italian medals are amongst the best ever struck - very detailed.

Just for you Trev - dream time again buddy. Two genuine and entirely original Nazi Naval Officers daggers, both by Eickhorn of Solingen.


Professional pillagers, eh? Did that get stuck in the genes?

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Yep hereditary - l am descended from Vikings (I kid you not) and when it came to pillaging, plundering and doing nefarious things with fair maidens and not so fair maidens they took the cake.

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