WTB 2 inch dredge

Looking for a 2inch dredge, i have seen pablo is selling one, and will explore that option if nothing else pops up, however i was hoping for something a little cheaper as i have yet to make my riches haha.

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Where abouts are you located and whats the budget. What was the other one going for?

Dear AuSniper; I have a 2 inch keene dredge for sale About $1000. I will throw in anything that i have.e.g. spare sparkplug, some matting… Not a lot of value in the spares. it is well used. I am in Southland. I also have a high banker; Used twice, bought from Dan a few years back.

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I also have the backpack for “easy carrying” Never used, that goes with it… gratis.

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Hi, if au sniper doesn’t take the dredge I would buy it off you … Would be in southland next weekend. Let me know if au sniper is keen.
Kind regards,

Hey mate, can you flick me a text on 0278658526, i live in zdunedin so could easily arrange to come grab it, cheers

I am located in Dunedin, the other one is for sale at 3750 which isnt in my budget, realistically i would be looking to spend around 2000 or less

Hi Scott; AuSniper is interested and will look at the dredge today (Saturday 21 Jan). If he is not interested (That is does not buy it) I will inform you. Regards… from Ivan.

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Did you sell it I’m keen if you still have it I’m in Southland