Wow... another one

i must have found a groat graveyard,1854 4 pence groat today,sIMG_1940

maybe an earring turned up but when another groat appeared amazement.notice the five is lower than the rest of the numbers its a 5 over three variant die error,cant find an image of this variant but its different to a normal 1854.good luckIMG_1936


Getting to Guiness book of records stuff AND third time lucky! In other words you cant stop now your on a roll. Great going.

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I couldn’t believe it when you bought this over to me yesterday you lucky SOB. Well done Roy hope this luck sticks with you when your water hunting gear arrives

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May the Fours be with you, my son… :laughing:

Funny how these things crop up in shoals, what with Chris with his harps, you with your groats…Me with my leadhead nails :roll_eyes:

everything comes to those who waits…

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Oh man Roy is going into the depths, the finds will only get better :+1:

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