Would it be worth it

Before I move over would it be worth buying one of the new deus coils that are higher frequency
And is it worth searching for gold nuggets in new Zealand as all I’ve seen mentioned about them is Australia and Canada are good for the nuggets and bits
I would rather get it before leaving than pay more once I get there

Buy a quality Minelab and have less trouble all round.

Good luck out there.



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There are mainly small nuggets, go for a cheap machine.
You may get lucky in a river wash.
Or if you trek to a place that no one has ever been. That type of location would be very remote and hairy. You’d probably need survival equipment, some way of feeding yourself, a way to charge your detector and a personal locator beacon.

I already have a deus full with 11 inch coil
So a second coil would make sense

An adventure sounds fun
How does it work with who owns the land if I went where nobody has been

Well you’d need to be careful. A lot of land is private and you’ll need to get permission from the owners.
Many places that are not privately owned also have mining claims, including many water ways.
See the private land on linz website.
The mining claims on nzpam maps site.
And try your luck at the free fossicking sites first. Arrowtown is a good bet, also Aorere is a large area.

I owned a MInelab Xtreme and could never get the nag of it though my son paid it off…well I paid for it and he used it to find gold where I couldnt so I lost on the deal and bought a Gold bug - they are FANTASTIC and I have paid it off many times over.

I’ll have a look at them areas

The deus has a gold programme and the new coils are supposed to be great for gold hunting

Can’t be changing detector now

Might as well use my Ace 350 - you’ll have a better chance than with a Deus.
Snap out of it and get a Garrett. Happy hunting. :beer: