Would a GPX 6000 be good at finding gold in shallow creeks?

I’m totally new to using detectors 0 haven’t yet invested in one. Would a GPX 6000 work well for finding gold in very shallow (knee deep at absolute most) creeks that have cobble on the bottom?

Look up rock bottom gold on you tube he uses one to locate the gold then snipes to retrieve it . Ya have to buy the aftermarket coil tho .big outlay but would eventually pay for itself.

The GPX 6000 is a very expensive way to go & you will need to get the 10x5 coiltek coil for it also. The Goldmonster 1000 is the way to go with its 5" coil for creek detecting. Especially as you are totally new to this the 6000 plus the extra coil will set you back over 9k. You may find this game isn’t to your liking. The GM 1000 is about $1300.00 & you get two coils. The 5" & a 10x5. Very simple to use & deadly on small/tiny gold & won’t break the bank.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:.

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Many thanks for the suggestion - I’ve just googled his Youtube and found it - will take a look!

Cheers - will look at the Goldmonster 1000 - your reasoning makes sense!

I agree with JW the Goldmonster would be a great choice easy to get into them smaller cracks i also found Gold bug 2 to be a great we detector and the iron reject is great if there is alot of trash in the creeks both great at finding gold and great starting point :+1:

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Cheers - found a better than usual deal late today on a Gold Monster in a Black Friday sale, did a click & collect order and pick it up tomorrow morning - will charge up the battery and get out there! Will let you know how I go! Have subscribed to your youtube channel too - looking forward to seeing more videos!


I love my GB2 too. That little sniper coil is bullet proof. It is a concentric coil & sold epoxy filled. Solid as a rock. No way those windings are going to shake lose & being epoxy filled, great for in water detecting.

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Good choice mate. I don’t think you will regret it. One word of warning though, It doesn’t like high concentrations of iron sand. Down here in Queenstown it doesn’t like the Shotover or the Arrow rivers. Far too much iron sand, just overloads it.

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Most of the annoying sand where I am is tin - hopefully it will be OK with that - fingers crossed!

I just made up a little doodad - a lead sinker with some flagging tape connected to a fishing float so as I can mark the location of a detector hit and leave it to put the detector on the bank and come back and then snipe the spot.

@Rock_Bottom_Gold - the impression that I am getting from your youtube videos is that you are mostly detecting in streams where there is exposed bedrock rather than a cobble or gravel bottom - is that correct?

Yeah mate mostly bedrock as thats where the gold is sitting where I go haven’t had a great deal of luck trying to punch through gravels and normally just end up digging trash in the loose gravels etc if I find a good spot I just remove gravels and detect the bedrock cracks etc seems to do the trick

Cheers RBG - it will be interesting to see what creeks I can find here with accessible bedrock. The other place I want to check out is the bottom of waterfalls and cascades - found this little one while having a scout around on the weekend -

Just check thats theres no claims where you are going

Not on this creek fortunately - but a good point.

A highly technical but perhaps silly question - is it better to work upstream against the flow or work downstream proceeding with the flow? Or doesn’t it matter?

I usually work up stream into the current. Same as dredging. That way your diggings or tailings are washing down away from you & covering ground you have already worked & also not clouding you out & you aren’t having to deal with moving tailings & material you have already shifted if you worked heading down stream. Kind of common sense aye.

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I spent the afternoon in a creek and just arrived home to read your reply. Yep - it makes sense! :grinning:

I quickly discovered that it is easier to swing a coil underwater if you can see underwater…

Was an interesting afternoon - first time using the Gold Master

@Rock_Bottom_Gold - looks like you had nice weather on the weekend even if you didn’t get as much shiny as you might have hoped.