Working dredge found

what is, found dredge on permitted land without the consent of the land owner? please

Leave them a message so they can come back to you I reckon :grin:

I am sorry i did not explain myself. a person has a govt permit to prospect the river bed. I am the only person who has been given access by the land owner, so is the dredge mine to take away

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The owner of the permit is the only one allowed to mine it for gold, the land owner is just that, Owns the land.
More than likely the current river and 20m each side is infact owned by the crown.

I would be ringing the person on the permit to say your about to steal their gear.

What river is it?


Thank you for your response more than likely you have solved a question but I do not feel it is sufficient in response for entering someone else’s land with out permission. I have seen time and time again about cameras on claimed/taken places so what I get from you is an ambiguity from what is correct?

A lot of land owners are unaware of legal public access across their land, so check that first. Paper roads, marginal strips next to rivers, etc. So the dredger may be accessing their mining permit legally without being required to contact the land owner.

It’s often difficult to work out who the land owner is in order to contact them as a courtesy, so best to give them the benefit of the doubt before doing anything potentially illegal.


Leave the gear alone unless your looking for a whole world of trouble. If you don’t know the full story of how the dredge got there be best to steer clear. As the the other poster said he has the permit therefore he has the mineral rights. He maybe accessing the river by horse/heli/spaceship/kangaroo or waka.


Oh this is interesting.

A wise member suggested a note on the dredge asking them to ring. Thats a good idea- otherwise you may get a visit from the fuzz or an angry dredger.


You know the area is covered by a prospecting or mining permit…the question now is, what are you doing there?. If you are looking for gold you are doing so illegally.


the person who owns the claim and dredge may be using public acsess and it may be doc or linz land and therefore he hasnt felt the need to get permission from adjacent landowners , the dredge is certainly owned by someone else and you have no right to even touch it


So what have you been given permission to do by the land owner
If its prospecting you cant legally

thats correct the land owner cant give permission to prospect someones claim

Just the other day I encounted an angry forestry worker on his way past the claim demanding to know if I had a permit to be in the area, pointing all everywhere saying this and that are private property…even though I am on a formed legal road and marginal strip, hydro parcel working my own claim.
I ring the local farmers who have adjacent property out of courtesy to let them know we are working, not because we have to but because they are not used to members of the public asserting public access rights. Thus I told the forestry worker…he responded, “I’m gonna check with the boys on the hill and if your wrong…”, I never take out maps or paper work untill the last moment as most people like this know they are wrong but are relying on intimidating you into compiance.

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Hi what river, if the stony please ring me 0274 999 565

You do not have the right to assume ownership of the dredge.
Has the land got a marginal strip? If so then the owner of the dredge never needed permission to go along that marginal strip with his dredge as long as he kept to the marginal strip.
Was the dredge owner mining another persons claim?
Was the dredge owner the claimant OR a friend of the claimant?
Have you got a vested interest in the claim?
What part do you play in this narrative?
IF you are the claim owner then I guess you might have the right to remove the dredge but not to keep it as that would be theft. You would only be able to act through the due processes of the law.