Willow leaves clogging foot valve

hi Guys . whats your thoughts on best way to stop willow leaves clogging foot valves , by the time i get in water leaves will be a problem . Im thinking of some kind of screen in front of valves to catch leaves

Hey mate, i had the same problem with tons of willow leaves in the Baton at that time of year. My rough n ready fix was a 20L bucket with lots of 5mm holes drilled on it, placed a rock in it to hold on the bed with a the top of bucket a couple inches above water. I put the foot valve in bucket and it worked for me.
I cleared the bucket holes every time I refuelled, but even when fairly covered in leaves there was enough water getting in to keep the level up. The foot valve stayed clear and, best of all, didn’t get scorching hot water from the HWS again!
If your river is deep, i guess you could attach a float ring to the bucket to keep the top above water and stop leaves getting to the foot valve?


hi Jeff , hows it going yes the water is deep , but great minds think alike im working on the 20 litre bucket idea , I havnt used that hot water system to scared lol, ill be in a dry suit gonna do 6 weeks, but not till my guiding season ends 30th april ,brrr will be getting cold